November 3, 2011

One Symbol for Diabetes


Amy Tenderich of the newly re-designed Diabetesmine and community manager of Diabetic Connect have launched The Blue Circle Campaign an online petition for a unified symbol like the pink ribbon for Breast Cancer. With your help we are calling on the world’s diabetes organizations to adopt the Blue Circle, a symbol created by the International Diabetes Foundation.

It is time for people with diabetes to have one universal symbol to unite all efforts to raise awareness of this chronic disease!

Sign the online petition over at Diabetic Connect and let’s make this happen!
  • Uncle Lew

    Here in 21st century USA the ribbon has become the symbol of support. The blue circle has a rich history but it is dated. A blue ribbon would put diabetes in the mainstream of American thought. In today’s society every message needs to be short and sweet. When a person sees a ribbon they immediately know you are supporting a cause. And then, rather than having to spend time explaining the significance of the circle, we can better use the time to explain diabetes.