December 9, 2011

Faustman Lab Type 1 Diabetes Cure Alive and Well


Dr. Faustman  announced in 2001 that she could reverse type 1 diabetes in mice. Today, 10 years later, all the work on type 1 diabetes done in the Faustman Lab is done on humans. Furthermore, the reason work is still being done, a decade later, on this revolutionary treatment to reverse type 1 diabetes – is because it’s working, despite naysayers.

BCG a cheap, generic drug that has been used for decades as a vaccination against tuberculosis. It is the star of the show in reversing type 1 diabetes.  

Phase 1, in human participants, showed that once the autoimmune attack stopped – small amounts of insulin were produced. The end result of this phase showed participants who had been diabetic for an average of 15 years began to briefly produce small amounts of insulin when the autoimmune attack was interrupted.

Phase 2 is the next step. This phase will involve repeat BCG vaccinations to refine dosing and identify how frequently patients would need to be treated to sustain the beneficial effects of BCG vaccination.

The cost of Phase 2 is estimated to be about $25 million. This past summer, fundraising efforts were able to reach the first goal of $8.5 million. The Faustman Lab team has begun determining the criteria to be used in designing Phase 2. Phase 2 is estimated to begin enrollment as early as the end of 2012.

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  • Thanks Allie – you rock

  • Angie

    Why would phase 2 be $25 million? I am happy that this sounds like it could be a cure.. but it’s almost a tease because I would never be able to afford that for my baby girl, it would be impossible..

    • Deanne

      The main reason she is using BCG is so that everyone CAN afford it. It costs a whole lot more to buy insulin than BCG. that’s why big pharma won’t support Dr Faustman….they’re gonna lose all that money we pay for insulin.

    • Therocktqb

      The phase 2 trial costs 25 million not the treatment in the future (if it works). That’s partly why they’re using the BCG Vaccine. It’s already on the market and cheap. 

      • hdynaglide

        it’s cheap now.  wait until it is used to cure diabetes, bet the price skyrockets.  the big pharmacies will manage it somehow, kinda like what they did to cheap insulin that was being used for pet diabetes.  they quit making it so now you have to buy the 100 times more expensive lantus.