September 20, 2011

Building the new TDR site


About a year ago Gina contacted me about helping her with TDR. She had wanted to make some modifications to the site but the site was a closed source system so I couldn’t help her. I mentioned to her that I would help her but little did I know the journey it would take me.

So we’ve worked hard behind the scene to build the new site you see here. It’s built on WordPress platform with custom template that Gina and I built from ground up. Gina designed the site with ease-of-use in mind and I think she did an amazing job.

Right now the site is in a beta phase so please forgive us if you find features that are incomplete. We would love to hear from you. We enjoy the praises but we appreciate the criticism even more. Help us make this site better for our community.


Chuck, Type 2. DX in 2007.