December 10, 2009

Diabetes and Depression Chat with Dr. Wendy Rapaport 12/09/09


*** (09:41):Welcome to Diabetes and Depression!

dr wendy rapaport says to  (09:59):
good evening..80 degrees in to brag about your weather

dr wendy rapaport says to  (09:59):
that was not meant to sound hostile!

gina says to  (09:59):
cold and raining here in NY

landileigh says (09:59):
i’m 45 mins north of san francisco

pinkdolphin says to  (10:00):
hot here in sydney australia

landileigh says (10:00):
and it will be below 20 for record freezing weather again tonight

landileigh says (10:00):
with snow

akoster says to  (10:00):
warm in new orleans

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:00):
well I love how international we all are

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:00):
and so the subject is how to stay warm in our hearts and minds, regardless of the weather

Ellen2110 says to  (10:01):
Especially this time of year

landileigh says (10:01):

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:02):
yes, this time of year has high expectations on our behaviors and what we expect from others..sometimes that’s a set up

gina says to  (10:02):
Hi everyone welcome to diabetes and depression

bjphilly says to  (10:02):
evening everyone

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:03):
that does sound funny..”welcome to depression” contraire..we need to recognize and fight it

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:04):
heard you did a terriffic Job at Diabetes 2.0 Gina..

gina says to  (10:04):
I guess that sounded weird lol

gina says to  (10:04):
The floor is open to questions for Dr. W

gina says to  (10:04):
ask away

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:04):
I want to start and end with this thought: Depression is treatable!

gina says to  (10:05):
Wendy agreed.

jchesen says to  (10:05):
Good evening everyone

gina says to  (10:05):
I have been battling depression since diagnosis

gina says to  (10:05):
9 yrs

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:05):
It’s treatable with exercise, changing food habits, improved diabetes control (of course!) changing your thoughts, and occasionally medication

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:06):
she didn’t pay her dues?

gina says to  (10:06):

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:06):
it is important not to compromise yoursself and expect to “live” with depression..rather than use the tools

gina says to  (10:07):
i used to just live with it

gina says to  (10:07):
until some friends told me i didnt have to

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:07):
Sometimes it’s almost as if depression because comfortable..

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:07):
yes, important not to think of it as your destiny

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:07):
what do you mean comfortable? did it get you out of obligations, keep you close to home

jchesen says to  (10:07):
I used to think it was inevitable

jchesen says to  (10:08):

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:09):
As in.. A comfortable state of being, when you don’t really know or remember what it’s like to be “happy” I feel like folding into oneself and surrounding yourself with that sadness becomes a normal state of being for you, and you’re almost scared to be

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:09):
any other way..

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:09):
It certainly isn’t inevitable..depressed feelings are dark thoughts..and everyone has them..especially if you have the full time job of taking care of diabetes..but it is different than the “state of depression”

pinkdolphin says to  (10:09):
I have been battling with depression since i found out i have diabetes 3 years ago i am now 29 . I was on the pill and at first thought it was the pill making me depressed but since stopping the pill  i feel the same.

akoster says to  (10:10):
im a perfectionist and when my levels are out of range It feels like I can never pull myself out of depressive thoughts. Like I can never relax and just live

jchesen says to  (10:10):
I used to think it was hormonal too……now I really don’t know. And my Diabetes control is better too….but still

gina says to  (10:10):
akoster, i feel the same exact way

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:10):
remember that fluctuating or out of control blood sugars contributes to depression..look around at your family history to see if there is depression running in your family
Stephanie9571 says to  (10:10):
Those feelings are what lead me to define myself as “being in a state of depression.” I am in a much better place now than I was even just a few months ago, with diet change and exercise, but there are still some bad days when it almost feels tempting to
Stephanie9571 says to  (10:10):
“give up” and go back to that thought process which I’ve come to know so well.
gina says to  (10:10):
depression doesnt run in my family
jchesen says to  (10:11):
My standard comment to fluctuating (daily) BS is “I just can’t win”
dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:11):
when you say you mean when you are getting period
Stephanie9571 says to  (10:11):
I find that when I’m eating a lot of high and refined carb foods my moods fluctuate a looot more
gina says to  (10:11):
the worst is when you try and try but, it feels like you are failing
jchesen says to  (10:11):
Wendy: yes at times
akoster says to  (10:12):
I put a lot of care into my diabetes care . . . my endo says that mine is one of the difficult ones to manage than others. Its putting in all that effort and getting nothing out. I agree with gina
gina says to  (10:12):
or the numbers flucuate so much that it drives you mad and then you dont want to check
jchesen says to  (10:12):
EXACTLY gina…..I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and my BS always plummets no matter how low I put the pump
dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:12):
cognitive therapy is about changing those thoughts…your first reaction can be “I just cant win” but you must challenge that thought’s just a number..I need to change the pattern and change my thoughts..I am a good person who is having a lousy da
Stephanie9571 says to  (10:12):
During the worst of my depression I would experience what I’d refer to as “false alarms” feeling wonderfully emotionally one day, and crummy the next with no real explanation
landileigh says (10:12):
I had an a1c that was 2 points higher than I’d ever had and the fear of failure and that I unable to deal with this like i should depresses me
jchesen says to  (10:13):
Hard to have a good day when it starts with a 49
Stephanie9571 says to  (10:13):
I feel like there’s a lot to deal with diabetes, it’s almost like facing your mortality on a daily basis
akoster says to  (10:13):
I know, bad morning levels are hard to recover from emotionally
dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:13):
well gina if the blood sugar plummets while exercising.. that is is doing the job…but add abit of food or some people suspend the pump
Stephanie9571 says to  (10:13):
What is your take on medication? I have always been against medication for depression, fearing dependency..
jchesen says to  (10:14):
I think the golf term is wanting a mulligan
dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:14):
I can hear a lot of thought changing needed…you listened to people who scared you and shamed you (they didn’t know better)
jchesen says to  (10:14):
Wendy: I put the pump to 1/2 basal when I exercise…..Is it safe to suspend for an hour?
dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:15):
I think medication is a great help and just sometimes biochemically necessary
Ellen2110 says to  (10:15):
Hi Beth
gina says to  (10:15):
Wendy that was Chesen not me.
sisterbeth says to  (10:15):
Hi everyone
bjphilly says to  (10:15):
jchesen says to  (10:15):
Call me Jody 🙂
Stephanie9571 says to  (10:16):
gina says to  (10:16):
stephanie, my doctors wanted to put me on anti-depressants but I fought my way to not take it although i probably should have
dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:16):
you don’t get dependent on antidepressants (prozac, welbutrin, effexor, cymbalta)…they work or they don’t…you have to be more careful with xanax..which can still be helpful
gina says to  (10:16):
is lexapro addicting?
jchesen says to  (10:16):
I have an extremely addictive personality….Rx would NEVER wor\k for me
bjphilly says to  (10:16):
hey Scott!
dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:17):
gina..what is the fight against antidepressants? (I get it..many people feel that way)..but you don’t resist insulin or do you
Stephanie9571 says to  (10:17):
It has always been recommended to me as well but I’m constantly searching for alternative routes,
akoster says to  (10:17):
I think that it has been hard for me to hear for all these years that if I dont have tight control I am going to get horrible compliactions and die. – for me medication was necessary . . . Im on zoloft
sstrumello says to  (10:17):
Hey Betty, everyone … sorry I’m late
gina says to  (10:17):
At the time of my depression I didn’t want to take meds
Fran3040 says to  (10:17):
It’s Fran! Sorry I’m late too!
gina says to  (10:17):
Fran jump right in!
jchesen says to  (10:17):
I feel my best right after I exercise but the endorphins don’t last…..anyway to help that?
dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:18):
addictive personality means you are vulnerable..and maybe even more so need the type of medication that you take everyday..not the kind you want to take when you feel badly
Fran3040 says to  (10:18):
AAHHH!!! I don’t remember how to do this. that is, how to HEAR and be heard! (It’s probably an age thing—mine!)
Stephanie9571 says to  (10:19):
As far as types of depression go.. manic depression/bipolar how could one go about alleviating the symptoms of that- is it any different than the course of treatment for other types?
dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:19):
chesen..learn to change your thoughts about diabetes, life…and your mood will change
gina says to  (10:19):
Wendy, that is what i did
jchesen says to  (10:19):
Hard with the stress of the job….and the disease.
dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:19):
I do think anyone who has diabetes should start a dialogue with a trusted therapist
bjphilly says to  (10:19):
I agree Wendy
jchesen says to  (10:20):
Got me through childhood!
akoster says to  (10:20):
stephanie- bipolar shouldnt be treated with antidepressants- it can trigger a manic episode
bjphilly says to  (10:20):
me too ichesen
dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:20):

therapy to “grieve”  to manage the chronicity of everyday

jchesen says to  (10:21):

Group was SUCH a relief as a kid…..looking for something “regular” like that now

pumpergirl says to  (10:21):

this doesn’t necessarily have to do specifically with diabetes and depression but depression in general. is there any thing that says you are more likely to have it if it’s in the family (like a sibling). . .

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:21):

I know this is a chat regarding diabetes and depression, but would you all say that diabetes is the CAUSE of depression, or simply compounds the difficulty of it?

havana16 says to  (10:21):

i have been type 1 diabetic for 35 years   and i learned that there are far worst diseases in this world than diabetes

bjphilly says to  (10:21):

it compounds life

gina says to  (10:21):

i think having diabetes in general and the day to day would make anyone depressed at one time or another

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:21):

koster…great point..that is why therapy BEFORE you get the right diagnosis..there are good drugs for bipolar

havana16 says to  (10:22):

so i learnd to be content and deal with what i have

jchesen says to  (10:22):

definitely compounds things…..not the only cause

bjphilly says to  (10:22):

I know there are worse

havana16 says to  (10:22):

the happier one is

havana16 says to  (10:22):

the easier it is to control diabetes

akoster says to  (10:22):

the idea that there are worse doesnt really make diabetes any better

havana16 says to  (10:23):


jchesen says to  (10:23):

I like that havana

gina says to  (10:23):

diabetes is chronic

havana16 says to  (10:23):

i know that

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:23):

I’ve thought a lot about this ideal of “there are worse things” and I think that creates for people with disease a sense of guilt when feeling bad about it

gina says to  (10:23):

other disease can go into remission

Jane5198 says to  (10:23):

For someone who is having a difficult day with diabetes to think of someone who is worse off may not be the answer.

gina says to  (10:23):

not saying its better or worse

havana16 says to  (10:23):

but when u think   that diabete  does not have to kill you

havana16 says to  (10:23):

unless u do not control it

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:23):

false beliefs contribute to do exaggerated beliefs ( a few days of high blood sugars do notcause complications

gina says to  (10:23):

doctors scare us into all of this

landileigh says (10:24):

I try to be optimistic, but feel that sometimes i just can’t handle all that diabetes and chronic kidney disease throw at me. it’s the never ending “every minute” of diabetes

gina says to  (10:24):

i think that if we were given a pyschologist at time of diagonisis we would all be much better off

jchesen says to  (10:24):

my father was recently diagnosed with T2 and it threw him for a loop even though I’ve had it close to 30 years now…..He has his good and bad days too

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:24):

I think the comparison is a futile one. Every disease is difficult in its own right, to call one “better” or “worse” or less serious than the other is unfair

gina says to  (10:24):

they should be a part of our diabetes care from day 1

bjphilly says to  (10:24):

I don’t know if anyone knows this saying but I heard it as a child “I cried because I had no shoes and then I saw a man who had no feet”

Jane5198 says to  (10:24):

I agree Stephanie.

jchesen says to  (10:24):

I agree Gina

jchesen says to  (10:24):

bj: I’ve heard that one,…..and agree

landileigh says (10:25):

gina, kind of like… you have diabetes – here is your endo, your cde, your nutritionist, and your psychologist

gina says to  (10:25):


gina says to  (10:25):

i wrote about this on my blog once

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:25):

here are negative toughts to get rid of //I amdoomed to be unhappy..I will never control my diabetes

gina says to  (10:25):

the missing team member

jchesen says to  (10:25):

It is definitely a team disease

havana16 says to  (10:25):

staying positive is of most importance

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:25):

they are feelings not truths..not facts

jchesen says to  (10:26):

your heart sometimes rules your mind

bjphilly says to  (10:26):

50 years ago we didn’t have such a health care team as those

Jane5198 says to  (10:26):

this is important havana, but feelings are neither right nor wrong. They just are.

havana16 says to  (10:26):

yes that is true

havana16 says to  (10:26):

i was dx in 1975

bjphilly says to  (10:26):

I was dxed in 1959

havana16 says to  (10:26):

and had the old fashioned needles

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:26):

staying positive and not freaking out when you don’t feel it…have a session or 2 with your therapist…learn to use your mind to overrule the emotions

havana16 says to  (10:26):

and no glucose monitorring

bjphilly says to  (10:27):

and I was told to not mention it

jchesen says to  (10:27):

1980….and I just saw an article about the original Glucometers

havana16 says to  (10:27):

me too bjphilly

bjphilly says to  (10:27):

we had to bite the bullet

havana16 says to  (10:27):


Jane5198 says to  (10:27):

There  isn’t just this “be happy” it’s a process.

bjphilly says to  (10:27):

those were the dark ages

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:28):

well  u r using perspective now..which is helpful..getting you to gratitude after feeling reasonable rage that it isn’t fair

gina says to  (10:28):

betty, you are a diabetes all star!

jchesen says to  (10:28):

bj: technology helps now

bjphilly says to  (10:28):


bjphilly says to  (10:28):

I love technology

gina says to  (10:28):

i mean if you are going to get diabetes this is the age to do it. there are a lot of technologies out there now. Although i would rather be cured. This is good till then i guess.

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:29):

well chesen you are looking at  technology in a positive way..some people are overwhelmed

gina says to  (10:29):

technology can be very overwhelming. especially for the people that have had it for a really long time

akoster says to  (10:29):

im overwhelmed!

gina says to  (10:29):

like my aunt who has had it for like 40 years, she doesn’t want a pump or anything

jchesen says to  (10:29):

If I had only gone on the pump 27 years ago….I’d have been better off…..these past two years have been a comparative breeze

Ellen2110 says to  (10:30):

Maybe for some Gina, but I know a woman who has had type 1 for over 50 years and she has a pump and a cgm

bjphilly says to  (10:30):

I’m 67 and appreciate tech, not just for managing D.

gina says to  (10:30):

im just using an example

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:30):

you  need to give yourself permission for any difficult or negative feelings..a place to share them..without someone reacting to it (that’s the power of having a  therapist or being in a support group

jchesen says to  (10:30):

In a perfect world there’d be a cure!

gina says to  (10:30):

in a perfect world we wouldnt have disease

jchesen says to  (10:31):

good point gina

sstrumello says to  (10:31):

Our healthcare “system” does little to coordinate care among all the individuals involved with a patient; and there is also the tendency to “blame” diabetes for things that have nothing to do with glycemic control.

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:31):

well  we are people…differing from each other and then d gets put on you

Ellen2110 says to  (10:31):

How many of you ask for support from your loved ones and friends?  Are you able to ask them for what you need – especially when feeling overwhelmed?

bjphilly says to  (10:31):

so true Scott

gina says to  (10:31):

ellen, i never used to till i hit rock bottom

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:31):

say more about blame scott

akoster says to  (10:31):

I feel like they just dont quite get it

Jane5198 says to  (10:31):

No Ellen. I find support online.

gina says to  (10:31):

and once i started asking, it felt better

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:32):

i am often unable to reach out for help

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:32):

There’s an issue of feeling “misunderstood” or unable to communicate why I feel the way I do

akoster says to  (10:32):

I feel a lot of blame too

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:32):

it is up to each of you to ask for the support you need..each of you is different for what you want

bjphilly says to  (10:32):

fraid not

landileigh says (10:32):

ellen, i find they don’t really understand it all and feel more overwhelmed than i do

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:32):

and also guilt for feeling the way I do when objectively there is not much in my life that should make me feel the hopelessness that I have felt in depression

jchesen says to  (10:32):

D is the great equalizer, like death and taxes

jchesen says to  (10:32):

Ellen: I try to talk to my husband, he tries to understand but he is healthy so he can’t really

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:33):

some peoople want someone to make special foods for you (how thoughtful) and somee are horrified by anyone remembering that you have diabetes

bjphilly says to  (10:33):

too many years I’ve felt isolated, so it’s difficult to express since I was told not to tell…although I did

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:33):

I think that’s the problem.. identifying with someone who does not share the similar feelings, it’s hard to convey that feeling to others

jchesen says to  (10:33):

I have heard from a doctor friend (ex-boyfriend) that I am the healthiest sick person he knows….ironic isn’t it!

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:33):

I do have one friend who has experienced depression who has been invaluable in my support system because I feel as if I can talk to her without trying so hard to explain

gina says to  (10:33):

jchesen, my husband is so supportive and healthy. He checks my blood sugar for me sometimes or helps me prep. its little things that for a second makes me feel better because I didnt have to do it

MelissaBL says to  (10:34):

I isolated myself for many years, thinking that support groups were lame and whiny.  Didn’t realize I needed to talk, too.

akoster says to  (10:34):

I refused to talk abotu diabetes for years

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:34):

it’s the same way as it is with diabetes, talking to other diabetics, there’s this unspoken aspect of the relationship where you just understand the other person since you’ve gone through the same things..

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:34):

but it is worthwhile totry to makes it clearer to you

jchesen says to  (10:34):

gina: my husband tries so hard, I don’t blame him, I appreciate his effort….

gina says to  (10:34):

my husband doesnt completely understand everything i go through but he is willing to help me wtih anything

gina says to  (10:35):

even if its just checking so i dont have to especially at times when i dont want to do it

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:35):

I often ahve trouble talking about diabetes to others, too, though.. I hate exposing my flaws and whether it’s valid or not diabetes FEELS like a flaw, a broken piece of me

sstrumello says to  (10:35):

I’ve seen doctors for things unrelated to diabetes (for example, I saw a dematologist for cracked fingertips) and they wanted to talk about glcemic control … my last HbA1c was 5.9

gina says to  (10:35):

stephanie its so true

jchesen says to  (10:35):

I kinda like when people forget I’m diabetic (human first, sick second)

gina says to  (10:35):

scott, what do you tell them

MelissaBL says to  (10:35):

gina:  mine too.  when he hears my cgms beeping and he knows I’m stressed about a high, he’ll silence it so I won’t growl.

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:35):

yes..being in a room with others  is powerful

gina says to  (10:35):

i would be like dude. I am here for cracked fingers not my diabetes care i have an enod

gina says to  (10:35):


gina says to  (10:36):

melissa me too

gina says to  (10:36):

we have keepers !

akoster says to  (10:36):

I hate that doctors always want to talk about diabtete even if i am there for something unrelated- even the dentist has to give me a lecture

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:36):

It’s definitely difficult to stop the doubts I have when telling people about my diabetes, fears that they’ll somehow think less of me

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:37):

gina another way to look  at a derm asking you about your diabetes is to say hey I am glad you keep up and r informed about diabetes (that is changing your thought

jchesen says to  (10:37):

My endo referred me to my GP, they are friends so it’s almost always AIC first…..even when I was dxed with Vertigo

sstrumello says to  (10:37):

When I tell them my HbA1c, they usually respond in embarrassment with something about “keep up the good work”

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:37):

recently,  I was unintentionally “outed” when my insulin pump fell out of my pocket in front of my friend.. I think he sensed my fears in response

gina says to  (10:37):

the only doctor i listen to about diabetes besides my endo is my eye doctor

Ellen2110 says to  (10:37):

Do you think others take their cue from you – if you are confident, they will feel more comfortable?

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:38):

try not to get “lectures”..tell the dentist you love that he is reading his professional journals to educated self about diabetes…”thanks for your interest”..I take good care of myself

Ellen2110 says to  (10:38):

Not to say anyone should pretend to be confident

gina says to  (10:38):

everyone is the diabetes police!

jchesen says to  (10:38):

My eye doctor couldn’t find any sign of D in my eyes on the last visit…..kinda nice

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:38):

I definitely think so. His response to what I told him was to tell me that “this doesn’t define you, you know, is that what you think??  you’re no less of a person because of it”

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:39):

I think sometimes I avoid telling people also because I’m afraid they won’t understand, and that I don’t have the means or the time to explain everything it MEANS to live with diabetes

gina says to  (10:39):

Wendy, we can all use the W.T.F method lol

jchesen says to  (10:39):

sounds good to me gina

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:39):

aactually can pretend to be is almost an “affirmation”..I am not perfect..I am capable and I am impressed with all that I do to take caree of myself..not overinvolved with what I don’t do

bjphilly says to  (10:39):

gotta go. nice chatting

jchesen says to  (10:40):

I am outwardly confident and inside full of doubt…..

jchesen says to  (10:41):

I wish the inside and outside matched

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:41):

if your favorite psychologist uses is purposefull..finding humor in the tough (that is cognitive therapy

jchesen says to  (10:41):

sounds like something to try

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:41):

just keep working on being mentally needs a skills..and social support..a ellen says

30ccsteven says to  (10:43):


dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:43):

actually you can try singing to improve your mood (I saw that on GLEE…tv) but it actually works…so do watching funny movies, or trying to think funny

jchesen says to  (10:43):

my singing would clear the room! 🙂

Ellen2110 says to  (10:44):

As a parent of a person with diabetes, I hope my son can praise his efforts and not solely focus on the numbers.  Checking bg, taking action – is something to feel good about.

Stephanie9571 says to  (10:44):

Well all I’ve gotta go, nice chatting

jchesen says to  (10:44):

same here…..this was VERY helpful……Thanks all!

MelissaBL says to  (10:45):

I spent many many years discouraged when actions didn’t seem to have the desired results.

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:45):

yes, it’s effort not outcome that alwys needs to be starts with parent s helping their kids to thinking  that way..hard to be enlightened,…but it can be LEARNED

cindy elias de koster says to  (10:45):

I’m with Ellen!

akoster says to  (10:45):

I think im in your shoes now melicca

akoster says to  (10:46):


dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:46):

when you don’t get the outcome you want..if you are too wont retry with new tools and perhaps better outcome

MelissaBL says to  (10:46):

It was hard to be positive and proactive.  I had A1c’s over 10 for the first decade with T1.  Now, after another decade of tech and education, I have a 5.6.

gina says to  (10:46):

melissa that is amazing

cindy elias de koster says to  (10:46):

brava, Melissa!!!

MelissaBL says to  (10:46):

I had to find out what I didn’t know, which was HARD.  Because I am a stubborn, know-it-all.

Ellen2110 says to  (10:47):

5.6 without many lows is quite an accomplishment

gina says to  (10:47):

arent we all? LOL

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:47):

someone prob “taught” you how to be discouraged..(not out of malice but fear)…Melissa nice turn around

MelissaBL says to  (10:47):

thanks, folks.  gina: lol

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:47):

stubborn seems to be a complication of diabetes

MelissaBL says to  (10:47):

dr wendy: lol

MelissaBL says to  (10:47):


akoster says to  (10:48):

i agree. i am so used to assuming people dont actually know what they are talking about with the disease

landileigh says (10:48):

that’s my problem! stubborn

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:48):

sereiously there are so many asking, rpobing, criticizing looking upset..that people defend themselves with being stubborn not interested..want ing to be the expert..we are the expert of ourselves but friendship and support are crucial (and more fun)

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:50):

you are not putting people down when YOU  help them…s

MelissaBL says to  (10:50):

good points.  I had an attitude of “well, I’m still alive and I’ve been doing it such-and-such way for this long, so back off”

akoster says to  (10:51):

I feel like I often live in fear of complications

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:51):

Melissa I do hear that alot.. a normal response…but then LET IT GO.

MelissaBL says to  (10:51):

right.  I didn’t know how much I didn’t know until I stumbled into the online diabetes community.

landileigh says (10:52):

i had chronic kidney disease before ever having diabetes, but now it is progressing faster thanks to the diabetes. i have to wake up positive every day, and sometimes, like today, when it was so cold, it’s easier to not want to deal with it all

MelissaBL says to  (10:52):

akoster: I wish docs didn’t use complications as scare tactics.  We need to be able to face those threats honestly, but with a feeling like we’re empowered to do something about it.

landileigh says (10:52):

but then the online community is there for me

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:52):

mY HUSBAND  has diabetes..I feel embarassed sometimes that I don’t know something after working with people for 25 years..oops 35 years..lying about my age..but we ALL MISS SOMETHINGS..HAVE BLOCKS

landileigh says (10:52):

and my BFF who knows how i feel

landileigh says (10:53):

does he use the internet and communities?

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:53):

I is how complications are presented to you..fear tactics..they just make you afraid not adherent…

akoster says to  (10:54):

i agree

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:54):

cplications are not inevitable..fear is..and you can control it..voice it..and be empowered by going to a new doctor..getting a consultation, tightening your bs..changing a habit

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:55):

you will lalways need refresher courses on your attitude..your actions..that is the point about the “chronicity” of it to stay empowered

MelissaBL says to  (10:55):

I agree.  Changing my endo and my ophthalmologist made a huge improvement – both because I found docs who were positive AND because I felt I needed to start off fresh with someone

Ellen2110 says to  (10:56):

Thank you Gina for hosting this chat and thank you Dr. WSR for your time :-).

sstrumello says to  (10:56):

Thank you Wendy.  Thank you Gina!  Great chat, as always!

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:56):

being motivated is like being “in recovery” need support, new ideas, a team

MelissaBL says to  (10:57):

great thought, dr

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:57):

It ivery touching to know that you are all there for each other..Iloved seeing you together at the Diabetes research Institute..we will do it again next year..maybe something for the online bloggers that  I would love to joino

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:58):

thank you all for your openness and good ideas

cindy elias de koster says to  (10:58):

Thank yu for this forum!!

dr wendy rapaport says to  (10:59):

so be proactive..about the emotional and social side of diabetes..

gina says to  (11:00):

thank you so much wendy

dr wendy rapaport says to  (11:00):

I wish you all’s a job and one you can do well

gina says to  (11:00):

it is always a pleasure to have you come chat with us!

landileigh says (11:01):

wendy, i’ve loved hearing what you have to say!

dr wendy rapaport says to  (11:01):

I am happy to..thanks for asking

gina says to  (11:01):

hope you will come back

dr wendy rapaport says to  (11:03):

good night!