January 16, 2012

First Blog of the new year!


Believe me I got tipsy and lost my voice and some how made it home!

Back to reality…..

This should be the year of EVOLUTION and not resolutions.  Resolutions sound so final where as EVOLUTION gives people the sense of continuation. When a person is EVOLVING they are in a state of progression. We as Type 2 diabetics are always in progress and are striving to do great things everyday.  We never stop learning about ourselves and our body.  Make this year a time to start EVOLVING into a better place.  Take baby steps and try to control your life and environment.  Don’t worry about things that are not under your control.  There are so many other things that need my need attention.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Get your friends and family on board to help in your EVOLUTION.  If you don’t feel this way than write down in a journal why this is uncomfortable.   Don’t get depressed and quit testing because the glucose levels are not optimal.  Diabetics love giving advice!

Many Type 2 diabetics suffer from self neglect.  Make this the year that the self neglect comes to and end.   We need to EVOLVE into the thinking that our bodies and minds are important too and need to be nurtured.  When there is not anybody around to nurture us ….we have to do it ourselves.  Put energy towards finding an outlet to be nurtured.  There should not be any guilt in making other people wait  or not being at your children’s beck and call.   Patience is a virtue and its has not hurt anybody.   I was looking an old episode of Dr. Phil and I would have to agree with the advice he gave a woman that neglected her health to take care of her children and everybody else.  I have preached this this same advice to so many other people that use their children and outside activities to not take time to take of themselves.  A person/mother/father isn’t doing any favors to anybody if they do not have their health.  It should not take a disease like diabetes to make a person realize this fact.  Again make this the year of EVOLUTIONS!

Chrystal Leary is a contributing writer. Find her at the sexydiabetic.com