May 3, 2006

Freestyle Navigator Pros and Cons


Wednesday, May 3 – 9pm est.
Phil Southerland – Cyclist
Topic – Freestylye Navigator Pros and Cons
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Phil Southerland was diagnosed with type diabetes when he was only seven months old His website <a href=””></a> is about funding research to cure diabetes and to help fund those who cannot acquire health insurance because they have a pre-existing condition – diabetes, a genetic disease that could not be prevented.

[philracer] 6:27 pm: Hey, sorry for the delay [philracer] 6:27 pm: How is everyone doing?

[lemonthyme] 6:27 pm: Yeah! Phil is here!

[Bob MN] 6:27 pm: hi phil

[Jon] 6:27 pm: you are very popular Phil

[gina] 6:27 pm: phill, you got a great turnout!!!!

[philracer] 6:27 pm: Hi everyone

[Wendy12571] 6:27 pm: Hi Phil..sorry watching american Idol.

[philracer] 6:27 pm: Thanks, but you just have a great site

[gina] 6:28 pm: 18


[gina] 6:28 pm: allison will be our moderator

[Ellen] 6:28 pm: HI Phil and thanks for being here

[AllisonBlass] 6:29 pm: Welcome one and all.

[jeff] 6:29 pm: Well I got a question

[gina] 6:30 pm: ask away people

[jeff] 6:30 pm: Phil What type of food do you take in before long rides

[Ellen] 6:30 pm: So Phil, how’s the Navigator…tell us the pros and the cons. PLEASE

[Jon] 6:30 pm: Phil, why don’t you tell us a little about the Freestyle Navigator

[philracer] 6:30 pm: Not much early before the rides

[philracer] 6:31 pm: Waffle House 3 hours out….haha

[jeff] 6:31 pm: LOL

[macksdaddy65] 6:31 pm: re Nav – is it more work or less work overall?

[philracer] 6:31 pm: Less

[lemonthyme] 6:31 pm: How does the Navigator work?

[gina] 6:31 pm: can you tell us about the actual device

[jeff] 6:31 pm: I just started rideing again and blood sugar drops like a rock on hard uphill rides

[kassie] 6:32 pm: how often do you have to feed it fingerstick numbers?

[macksdaddy65] 6:32 pm: do you pump or MDI

[philracer] 6:32 pm: I typically use Hammer Nutrition during all rides.

[sstrumello] 6:32 pm: how about accuracy … does the Navigator detect hypos very well, or is is more like a Glucowatch that is pretty useless except for detecting highs

[philracer] 6:32 pm: It makes the legs go around (fast too)

[Anne] 6:32 pm: are you in a clinical trial(how long do you get to use it)

[AllisonBlass] 6:32 pm: Hey all, change in asking format: PLEASE SEND ALL QUESTIONS TO ME (ALLISON BLASS) THROUGH THE PM FEATURE. There are too many people to ask them all at one time. Thanks so much!

[jeff] 6:33 pm: Ok thanks I plan on rideing in tour de cure in reston va this year

[kassie] 6:33 pm: good idea allison

[AllisonBlass] 6:33 pm: I will try to be quick tonight! 🙂

[philracer] 6:34 pm: Allison has promised the fastest typing ever, I will try to keep up:)

[AllisonBlass] 6:34 pm: Lemonthyme: How does the Navigator work?

[sstrumello] 6:34 pm: what about comments from the Peanut Gallery … do we need to PM those, too??

[AllisonBlass] 6:34 pm: comments are okay, You just have to send me questions.

[philracer] 6:35 pm: First question I saw

[philracer] 6:35 pm: It slows just a touch, but it projects lows

[gina] 6:37 pm: a] 9:31 pm: can you tell us about the actual

[JoeC] 6:37 pm: Can Philtracer just give us a “brain dump”, pros and cons?

[philracer] 6:38 pm: excuse me, but well in advance

[gina] 6:39 pm: phil you ready for another question

[AllisonBlass] 6:39 pm: Ellen: What are the negatives with the Navigator? Please be specific.

[philracer] 6:40 pm: Negatives are the same as the pump, you have an insertion site

[philracer] 6:41 pm: and like all the CGM’s it has trouble with quick changes

[philracer] 6:42 pm: It is hard for me to think of the negatives. there really were not many

[AllisonBlass] 6:42 pm: Remember to send me your questions and I will post them in the order received. Thanks!

[philracer] 6:43 pm: Good question Ellen

[AllisonBlass] 6:43 pm: Mackdaddy65: does he use a pump and if so, how does that work with 2x insertion sites?

[philracer] 6:44 pm: No, I do not use a pump

[philracer] 6:44 pm: still a needle junkie

[philracer] 6:44 pm: I had my sight on my arm the entire time

[Bob MN] 6:44 pm: &lt;–back to being a needle junkie |—-]============—– ~ ~

[philracer] 6:45 pm: I noticed it for the first day, while taking my shirt on and off, and that was it.

[gina] 6:45 pm: ouch that seems like it would hurt

[sstrumello] 6:45 pm: ouch …. sites on the arm, sounds painful

[philracer] 6:45 pm: Na, not bad at all

[AllisonBlass] 6:46 pm: Jon: Does the Navigator get in the way when you are racing?

[philracer] 6:46 pm: I wish I could tell you

[philracer] 6:46 pm: I have not got to race with it yet

[philracer] 6:46 pm: I ran a half marathon, and it was the best thing ever to have

[gina] 6:47 pm: you are truly amazing phil

[philracer] 6:47 pm: The best advice I got for racing was, eat before hungry, drink before thirsty, and the Navi allowed me to do that one

[philracer] 6:47 pm: it hurt…haha

[philracer] 6:47 pm: I did use it for 3 hour bike rides, and was able to keep my BS between 86-106

[philracer] 6:48 pm: only eating when necessary, and eating before it was necessary

[philracer] 6:48 pm: Thanks Gina

[AllisonBlass] 6:48 pm: Tracy: Will the Navigator be available soon?

[philracer] 6:49 pm: That is the hope- I think by July

[philracer] 6:49 pm: If we get a protocol done, we will get to test it during RAAM

[AllisonBlass] 6:50 pm: Jon: How long do the batteries last on the Navigator?

[philracer] 6:50 pm: I did not half to during the 20 days, and you change sites every 5

[gina] 6:51 pm: wow every 5 days

[philracer] 6:51 pm: yeah, made me happy

[gina] 6:51 pm: ha

[AllisonBlass] 6:51 pm: Kassie: Are the sensor insertion sites the same as for pumping? If so, does cycling with it in the thigh get uncomfy?

[gina] 6:51 pm: gotta keep phil happy

[philracer] 6:52 pm: Sites were different I wore mine in the arm

[philracer] 6:53 pm: I have never worn a pump, and this one still did not bother. Kind of nice to always know what BS is, and especially where it is going… Highest BS I had in 20 days was 283!!!

[philracer] 6:53 pm: only there for 1 minute, before going abck down

[gina] 6:54 pm: its pretty interesting how it does that

[AllisonBlass] 6:54 pm: Macksdaddy65: what times of day do you question the readings or in what situations?

[philracer] 6:54 pm: On the Navi? or in general?

[macksdaddy65] 6:55 pm: On the Navi

[philracer] 6:56 pm: On the Navi, there was no time or day where I questioned more than others, if at all. The time I cherished most was in the night. I sleeep like a log, and once in the middle of the night after a 5 hour ride, it woke me up with a projected low, never went low.

[philracer] 6:56 pm: Great alarm, fixed it and woke up at 104

[philracer] 6:57 pm: During my training for Race across America, I have had to wake up at 2 and 4 every night to check, as I was always going low, even on 6 lantus (lowest ever for me-23 if sedentary) This would eliminate having to wake up if not necessary, and I like that:)

[AllisonBlass] 6:58 pm: Jon: Does the Navigator have a remote receiver like the Guardian, or is it attached like a pump?

[philracer] 6:58 pm: Receiver

[AllisonBlass] 6:59 pm: Macksdaddy65: Any differences at the end of day 5 vs. day 1?

[AllisonBlass] 6:59 pm: And it’s actually 7:00 and I have to take off, the rest of the chat is for open
discussion for however long Phil would like to stick around.

[AllisonBlass] 6:59 pm: (10:00 EST)

[philracer] 6:59 pm: Nope, only less variance in my BS

[philracer] 7:00 pm: Have a great night

[philracer] 7:00 pm: Thanks

[macksdaddy65] 7:00 pm: thanks Allison

[Jon] 7:00 pm: thanks allison!

[gina] 7:00 pm: phil can you still stay?

[philracer] 7:00 pm: Sure thing

[philracer] 7:00 pm: fire away!!!

[AllisonBlass] 7:01 pm: love you guys ::waves::

[gina] 7:01 pm: open mic people l

[philracer] 7:01 pm: Adios

[macksdaddy65] 7:01 pm: did i read that you used the Navi for 20 days? or longer

[gina] 7:01 pm: lol

[sstrumello] 7:01 pm: good night Allison!

[philracer] 7:01 pm: 40, 20 were blinded 20 unblinded

[rhiamom] 7:02 pm: I’d be interested in an A1C after a few months on it

[sstrumello] 7:02 pm: goodnight everyone … got to run :zzz:

[macksdaddy65] 7:02 pm: did you take an a1c before and after?

[philracer] 7:02 pm: See ya, have a great night

[Jon] 7:02 pm: By the way, we will post up a transcript of this chat in case anybody missed any part of it

[philracer] 7:03 pm: Yes, 5.6 at start 5.5 at finish


[rhiamom] 7:03 pm: awesome numbers!

[philracer] 7:03 pm: thanks

[macksdaddy65] 7:03 pm: very nice

[philracer] 7:04 pm: Thanks, Chat is fine though if that is ok

[gina] 7:04 pm: ok cool

[philracer] 7:05 pm: How are everyone here’s #’s

[philracer] 7:05 pm: ??

[MAYB] 7:05 pm: SO-SO

[macksdaddy65] 7:05 pm: 4.5

[cheeker] 7:05 pm: 6.5

[philracer] 7:05 pm: Is it where you want it to be Mayb?

[macksdaddy65] 7:06 pm: my daughter has the diabetes.

[rhiamom] 7:06 pm: 7.0…but I went to the doc because my diet wasn’t enough anymore

[MAYB] 7:06 pm: NO!

[philracer] 7:06 pm: 4.5 are you low all the time?

[philracer] 7:06 pm: haha

[MAYB] 7:06 pm: 4.5…6.5????WAT DOES THAT MEAN?

[philracer] 7:06 pm: low blood sugars, not too low but it is good

[Jon] 7:06 pm: MAYB, have you ever had an A1C test?

[MAYB] 7:07 pm: OH YES..

[philracer] 7:07 pm: A1C?

[rhiamom] 7:07 pm: A1C is an indicator of whether you have had high blood sugar over a period
of months, so overall control


[gina] 7:07 pm: great may

[philracer] 7:07 pm: It is the number that will better guide to if problems will occur…

[rhiamom] 7:07 pm: then you are in the same case as me, control was good but now isn’t

[MAYB] 7:08 pm: well…the last was 9…so i really got a …wake up call..

[rhiamom] 7:08 pm: that would be pretty scary

[philracer] 7:08 pm: You sound concerned, are you working on it?

[MAYB] 7:08 pm: i really had no idea they were that bad..but i know why because i wasnt writing down the numbers…

[gina] 7:09 pm: phil, you should tell everyone what you do with team type 1

[philracer] 7:09 pm: Sure thing Gina:

[philracer] 7:10 pm: On June 13, Team Type 1 will have an 8 person team doing race across america.

[philracer] 7:10 pm: only catch is that we are all diabetic

[MAYB] 7:11 pm: !wow!

[philracer] 7:11 pm: 136 of diabetes years on the team

[MAYB] 7:11 pm: type 1? or any type?

[philracer] 7:11 pm: type 1

[MAYB] 7:11 pm: wow

[philracer] 7:11 pm: everyone has an A1C under 7

[gina] 7:11 pm: phil is trying to raise 1 million dollars

[rhiamom] 7:11 pm: MAYB, you type 2 like me?

[philracer] 7:11 pm: I think that is the direct result of the exercise:)

[MAYB] 7:12 pm: no…type 1….wah….

[philracer] 7:12 pm: We are also trying to set the record

[rhiamom] 7:12 pm: at this point, I *wish* I was type 1 instead!

[MAYB] 7:12 pm: what r u raising $ for …?

[philracer] 7:12 pm: Oceanside, CA-Atlantic City, goal us under 6 days!!!

[philracer] 7:12 pm: JDRF

[gina] 7:13 pm: heyyy when do you hit AC

[MAYB] 7:13 pm: yeah i wish i had type 2 ….i wish i had straight hair…

[Jon] 7:13 pm: how much have you raised so far?

[gina] 7:13 pm: i live in NY

[philracer] 7:14 pm: Through sponsorship, close to $500K Like gina said, our goal is a cool million.

[philracer] 7:14 pm: If not more

[MAYB] 7:14 pm: any specific cities u r goin through ?phil?

[Sliderule] 7:14 pm: Philracer: mind me asking, ¿ what year were you diagnosed with diabetes ?

[philracer] 7:15 pm: FlagStaff-Boulder-El Dorado Kansas-St. Louis-Indy-Columbus-WV-Phili-AC

[philracer] 7:15 pm: and a few places in between

[gina] 7:15 pm: you all can check out phils website <a href=””></a>

[philracer] 7:15 pm: You rcan read about it at <a href=””></a>

[MAYB] 7:15 pm: St. louis!!! ok im gonna read!

[philracer] 7:15 pm: Please take a look

[Jon] 7:16 pm: how much time do you spend training for this?

[gina] 7:16 pm: its a true inspiration to people living with diabetes that you can do extreme sports like that

[philracer] 7:16 pm: We will be having events in Oceanside June 10,11,12
St. Louis on June 15-16,
ANd AC 19-20-21

[philracer] 7:17 pm: We can be as good as anyone else, even better!!!

[gina] 7:17 pm: i wanna go to the atlantic city one that is the finale !!!

[philracer] 7:17 pm: Please come!!!

[philracer] 7:17 pm: There will be a party

[gina] 7:17 pm: we can take pics and put them on DTF site haha

[philracer] 7:17 pm: Sounds like a plan

[philracer] 7:18 pm: We should be arriving around midnight on June 18

[gina] 7:18 pm: reporting live from Atlantic city with my lap top and video camera loll

[MAYB] 7:18 pm: where specifically in St. Louis…? like a park or…

[MAYB] 7:18 pm: lol

[macksdaddy65] 7:18 pm: thanks for all your passion, hard work and willingness to push the limits to make things better for my daughter and for my wife who never sleeps:) See ya everyone

[philracer] 7:18 pm: I am not sure right now

[MAYB] 7:19 pm: oh..ok

[philracer] 7:19 pm: I can let Gina know when we determine specifics

[gina] 7:19 pm: bye macks dad

[gina] 7:19 pm: thanks for coming

[gina] 7:19 pm: oh snap

[philracer] 7:19 pm: Thank you

[gina] 7:19 pm: yea phil give me your schedulle

[gina] 7:19 pm: i will post it up

[gina] 7:19 pm: so people can track you

[philracer] 7:19 pm: great

[philracer] 7:20 pm: you can follow us on <a href=””></a>

[philracer] 7:20 pm: too

[gina] 7:20 pm: ooh

[philracer] 7:20 pm: Maybe we could chat one night when we are on the road

[MAYB] 7:21 pm: cool

[rhiamom] 7:21 pm: it seems odd that there still is no cure for type 1

[philracer] 7:21 pm: Here at The DiabetesTalkFest

[gina] 7:21 pm: phil, really?

[MAYB] 7:21 pm: g2g

[philracer] 7:21 pm: That would be fun for me

[philracer] 7:22 pm: good night

[philracer] 7:22 pm: good talking

[gina] 7:22 pm: REALLYYYYYYYYYY

[gina] 7:22 pm: that would be soooo cool

[rhiamom] 7:22 pm: yeah, it would

[philracer] 7:22 pm: would you like

[gina] 7:22 pm: of course

[philracer] 7:23 pm: we could try to get the world to everyone

[Jon] 7:23 pm: that is a great idea Phil

[gina] 7:23 pm: i dont know if the chat room can handle the world loll

[philracer] 7:23 pm: word

[philracer] 7:23 pm: we could see…

[Jon] 7:23 pm: we may have to upgrade the chat for that one, Gina

[gina] 7:24 pm: i think so

[gina] 7:24 pm: lol

[Jon] 7:24 pm: it would be worth it

[gina] 7:24 pm: i agree totally

[philracer] 7:24 pm: Great

[philracer] 7:24 pm: it is done

[cheeker] 7:24 pm: thanx Phil !!!

[philracer] 7:25 pm: I will work with gina off later for exact details

[Jon] 7:27 pm: Thanks for being here tonight, Phil

[Jon] 7:27 pm: this has been a great chat

[philracer] 7:28 pm: Thanks for having me.

[philracer] 7:28 pm: Sorry again that I was late

[Jon] 7:28 pm: if anybody wants to donate to your cause, who would they contact?

[philracer] 7:28 pm: I will get someone else to handle the details later

[philracer] 7:28 pm: [email protected]

[philracer] 7:29 pm: I will work on anyone if they would like.

[philracer] 7:30 pm: to get details on the race….

[philracer] 7:30 pm: in case Gina needs to sleep

[philracer] 7:30 pm: Ok goodnight