December 8, 2009

OMNIPOD CHAT with Amy Tenderich


Amy- how long do the batteries in the PDM typically last?
AmyT says to (18:08):

Dan! the m oderate chat was on i had to turn it off

blondy2061h says to (18:08):
When there’s an error does the Pod and the PDM beep or one or the other?

*** (18:08):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , DiabeticDiva !

gina says (18:08):
im gonna send out another chat reminder

blondy2061h says to (18:09):
(sorry if it’s too soon to barage with questions, but I feel like I don’t get them in if I wait!)

*** (18:09):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , jasonjayhawk !

AmyT says to (18:09):
Usually the pod beeps if something’s wrong with it.

AmyT says to (18:09):
No problem, shoot.
kiddydoll8609 says to (18:09):

shiksamaidel says to (18:09):
how long can one stay in a swimming pool?

gina says (18:09):
Amy, how is it when you work out?

AmyT says to (18:09):
No limits on swimming, as far as I know.

jasonjayhawk says to (18:09):
Whew, I thought I was in the Borg’s spaceship–just zombies!
gina says (18:09):
like does it feel l ike is bopping up and down

shiksamaidel says to (18:09):
30 minutes in 8 feet – but real life???
AmyT says to (18:10):
Workouts are fine when I wear the pod on my belly. If it’s on my arm and I’m jumping around in aerobics, it has sometimes come loose.

blondy2061h says to (18:10):
PDM battery life?

AmyT says to (18:10):
I never spent more than 30min in 8 feet 🙂

shiksamaidel says to (18:10):

blondy2061h says to (18:10):
Hard to breath at 8 feet ;0

jasonjayhawk says to (18:10):
Yikes, that would be a bad sign!

shiksamaidel says to (18:10):
but I spend an hour in 5

AmyT says to (18:10):
I have the full backlight option on (cause I don’t see so well), but my batteries still last about 6 weeks, I’d say.

jasonjayhawk says to (18:10):
You must be very tall.

blondy2061h says to (18:11):
That’s pretty good

DiabeticDiva says to (18:11):

AmyT says to (18:11):
They are standard AAA batteries, so super easy to replace.

jasonjayhawk says to (18:11):

*high-fives DiabeticDiva*

blondy2061h says to (18:11):
how many does it take?

AmyT says to (18:11):
sstrumello says to AmyT (18:11):
Question about Omnipod and insurance coverage. So far, there are only a handful of people out there with Omnipods, and the few that have inquired said the company does not really have an insurance team the way Minimed/Animas do. What was your experience?
jasonjayhawk says to (18:11):
1 for running the pump, and the other one for zapping you into submission when you don’t pus hthe right buttons.
Jeff says to (18:11):
you leave back light on allways?
AmyT says to (18:11):
As you know, I’ve never used a “traditional” pump, but I do love the OP!
AmyT says to (18:12):
Funny, Jason.
gina says (18:12):
amy, how do you connect the omnipod exactly?
*** (18:12):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , saychz !
AmyT says to (18:12):
Insurance seems to differ by carrier and also by state, so I can’t really give you details… all I know is that the company has agreements with Aetna, Blue Shield, and I think also Pacificare now.
*** (18:12):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , rachel !
shiksamaidel says to (18:12):
place on forhead and press infuse! lol
*** (18:12):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , chelsea !
jasonjayhawk says to (18:12):
I’d like to know the most important thing: How is the software?
blondy2061h says to (18:12):
Have you had any pods fail?
AmyT says to (18:13):
The pod is connected just like a sensor for a CGM. You still the adhesive to your body, and push the PDM buttons to make the tiny cannula insert.
DiabeticDiva says to jasonjayhawk (18:13):
Is the software compaitble with Mac?
Dan F says to (18:13):
Question: Have you thought about using the Dexcom 7 in tandem with the Omnipod?
DiabeticDiva says to (18:14):
Is the software compatible with mac?
blondy2061h says to (18:14):
Of course not DD 🙁
AmyT says to (18:14):
Honestly, the downloading software is not ready for prime time. You can get about 3 days of data with it (its called Pathfinder), but limited… Insulet is working on improving it.
blondy2061h says to (18:14):
bootcamp for the win!
AmyT says to (18:14):
For me, that’s by far NOT the most important thing, though.
blondy2061h says to (18:14):
Jason- you use a Cozmo now, right?
jasonjayhawk says to (18:14):
Do you use any extra sticky goop to keep the pump on?
kiddydoll8609 says to (18:15):
i must leave now……i need my beauti rest
jasonjayhawk says to (18:15):
blondy: No pump for me yet. This would be my first. I’ve got the paperwork nearly ready to fax.
kiddydoll8609 says to (18:15):
jasonjayhawk says to (18:15):
kiddy: we just started!
blondy2061h says to (18:15):
Ah, cool
Jeff says to (18:15):
by kiddy
Jeff says to (18:15):
kiddydoll8609 says to (18:15):
kiddydoll8609 says to (18:15):
AmyT says to (18:15):
Yes, I’ve used Mastisol. Works pretty well. But also makes everything sticky, so be careful where you spray it 🙂
kiddydoll8609 says to (18:15):
its bed time here
blondy2061h says to (18:15):
Mastisol is a spray?
AmyT says to (18:15):
good night
blondy2061h says to (18:15):
I thought it was a wipe
kiddydoll8609 says to (18:15):
night ALL
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kiddydoll8609 says to (18:15):
*** (18:15):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , rachel !
blondy2061h says to (18:15):
never used it though
*** (18:15):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , elgaralex !
AmyT says to (18:15):
Comes in a spray form, yes. Maybe also in gel form
kiddydoll8609 says to (18:16):
take care
jasonjayhawk says to (18:16):
Maybe I could stick my twins to the wall with it. I’m writing that down.
*** (18:16):rachel quit the room
saychz says to (18:16): you know anyone from VA?
blondy2061h says to (18:16):
Lol Jason
saychz says to (18:16):
Your name seems familiar.
Jeff says to (18:16):
I thought it was wipe also
AmyT says to (18:16):
Does anyone here also use the Omnipod?
jasonjayhawk says to (18:16):
Saychz, I don’t. I’m from the Midwest (Kansas City).
blondy2061h says to (18:16):
Nope, 522 here
elgaralex says to (18:16):
no , animas
saychz says to (18:16):
I have a sister that used to talk to a guy named JayHawk……
blondy2061h says to (18:16):
Very curious in the Omnipod though
AmyT says to (18:16):
OK, and you’re not anxious to get rid of the tubing?
gina says (18:16):
i hate the tubing
blondy2061h says to (18:17):
but not due to update for 3.5 years
kiddydoll8609 says to Jeff (18:17):
Jeff says to (18:17):
mine will be here tomarrow Amy
jasonjayhawk says to (18:17):
I don’t like the idea of tubing because I have 11-month old twin boys that yank at everything.
gina says (18:17):
jeff you are getting the omni?
AmyT says to (18:17):
*** (18:17):kiddydoll8609 quit the room
*** (18:17):saychz quit the room
Jeff says to (18:17):
shiksamaidel says to (18:17):
my dogs are tube yankers
*** (18:17):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , saychz !
gina says (18:17):
amy, what is the worst thing about the omni in your opinion?
Dan F says to (18:17):
None. Thinking about Omnipod, and separatelt]y the dexcom 7
jasonjayhawk says to (18:17):
Amy, what’s your experience with the customer service when dealing with a pod that has failed? Or a bleeder–have you had a bleeder that gushes after the pod has stuck you?
sstrumello says to (18:17):
I was always partial to Skin-Tac H … it had an accurate applicator, so no sticky skin where it wasn’t needed!
AmyT says to (18:17):
Yes, I have little ones, too. They’re constantly “on my bod,” you know?
AmyT says to (18:17):
Ooh, I should try that.
gina says (18:17):
lol the omni bod!
blondy2061h says to (18:18):
I would want to pod to be smaller before I went for it
*** (18:18):jasonjayhawk left this room, entered another room
shiksamaidel says to (18:18):
any experience with a jaccuzzi?
AmyT says to (18:18):
Customer service has been great. They alsways call back asap, and send out replacements immediately when necessary.
sstrumello says to shiksamaidel (18:18):
*** (18:18):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , jasonjayhawk !
blondy2061h says to (18:18):
Amy, how often would you say pods fail?
chelsea says to (18:19):
do the thing that stick to you were the insulin goes dose that stick out is it relay noteable through a shirt
AmyT says to (18:19):
OK, jacuzzi. The only way to do it is to wear the pod on your arm, and keep your arm out of the hot water to avoid cooking the insulin.
*** (18:19):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , AllisonBlass !
Jeff says to (18:19):
have you ever filled a pod with a disposable pen?
*** (18:19):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , Johnboy !
shiksamaidel says to (18:19):
good idea
AmyT says to (18:19):
Whoa… one sec.
jasonjayhawk says to (18:19):
How about filling your pod with insulin….any idea if you could use a FlexPen (or any pen) to fill it? I’ve got a stash that I hope I can use with the OmniPod.
gina says (18:19):
*** (18:19):jasonjayhawk left this room, entered another room
*** (18:20):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , jasonjayhawk !
gina says (18:20):
AmyT says to (18:20):
First, the pod is not very noticeable at all — except maybe in my really slinky dresses (no prob for the guys)
AmyT says to (18:20):
I have not used a pen to fill the pod, but I guess you can draw up the insulin from pretty much any source.
chelsea says to (18:20):
*** (18:21):elgaralex quit the room
sstrumello says to jasonjayhawk (18:21):
How big is the reservoir capacity?
AmyT says to (18:21):
I’ve only had 3 pods fail in nearly a year. One was an “occlusion” issue where the cannula hit some scar tissue on my stomach.
jasonjayhawk says to (18:21):
200 units.
sstrumello says to (18:22):
Jeff says to (18:22):
any PDM failure?
Dan F says to (18:22):
Amy, I’ll try again. Have you considered adding the Dexcom 7 to
your use of the Omnipod?
AmyT says to (18:22):
Not in terms of insulin delivery. Early on, my first PDM had some problems with the glucose monitor acting funny (not responding), but Insulet FedEx’d me a new one overnight.
AmyT says to (18:23):
Dan, I am using both products right now.
*** (18:23):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , saraknic !
Jeff says to (18:23):
they are working together now to mate the two together, right?
jasonjayhawk says to (18:23):
Do you HAVE to use the PDM for glucose testing? (e.g., what if your insurance doesn’t cover Freestyle strips?)
Dan F says to (18:24):
And you like the Dexcom? I’ve heard of problems the first day
with a new sensor. Wild readings.
jasonjayhawk says to (18:24):
Jeff: this is a G-rated room, no talking about mating diabetes products, although we would love to have some of the offspring. 😉
AmyT says to (18:24):
No, you don’t have to use the PDM for testing. You could just use it for dosing, and simply input your BG number that you got off another meter.
jasonjayhawk says to (18:24):
Amy: are your fingers tired of typing yet?
AmyT says to (18:24):
gina says (18:24):
amy, llol
DiabeticDiva says to AmyT (18:25):
Amy’s getting carpal tunnel fast
shiksamaidel says to (18:25):
jasonjayhawk says to (18:25):
sstrumello says to (18:25):
This from a pro …. imagine what its like for those who aren’t on the computer as regularly!
DiabeticDiva says to AmyT (18:25):
She’s a trooper
AmyT says to (18:25):
To be totally honest, I am not having a good experience with the Dex7 right now. Readings are wildly inaccurate. Could be a bad sensor?
gina says (18:25):
Amy loves typing have you read her blog come on amy!
DiabeticDiva says to AmyT (18:25):
Don’t tell me that Amy! I’m getting training for it tomorrow!!!!
jasonjayhawk says to (18:25):
Amy: When you’ve had those failures, does insulet just send you a new pod per failure?
*** (18:25):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , AllieB2 !
AmyT says to (18:25):
Typing is my life (oh, and glucose testing of course)
Dan F says to (18:26):
The Dexcom 7 rep says this is a pretty universal problem.
DiabeticDiva says to AmyT (18:26):
Dan F says to (18:26):
For first 12 hours with EACH newsensor.
saraknic says to (18:26):
i am sure you already answered this – that’s what i get for being late, but is there any way to be a pod to last longer than three days?
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*** (18:26):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , jasonjayhawk !
jasonjayhawk says to (18:26):
good question, sara
AmyT says to (18:26):
Yes, Insulet has been very responsive. They need the Lot# of the failed pods, and then they send an envelope to return the failed products, so they can determine what went wrong.
AmyT says to (18:27):
Nope. Can’t do it.
jasonjayhawk says to (18:27):
Wow, so if you’ve had a bleeder, they don’t mind getting a bloody product sent back to them? (I’d hate to be that mail opener.)
AmyT says to (18:27):
I wish you could, because I always have extra insulin in there.
saraknic says to (18:27):
saraknic says to (18:27):
thats why i hesitate
AmyT says to (18:27):
The few “bleeders” I’ve had were not failed pods. They worked fine. I just got very messy when I removed them.
Johnboy says to (18:28):
Is there some sort of pod recycling center or something?
Jeff says to (18:28):
dont you draw it back out?
saraknic says to (18:28):
and my insurance doesnt like freestlye which takes away some of the fun
AmyT says to (18:28):
They should definitely do a recycling program.
jasonjayhawk says to (18:28):
sara, same with my insurance (cigna) = no freestyle.
blondy2061h says to (18:29):
my CDE said if you have an Omnipod or Cozmo they will write a letter of medical necessity
jasonjayhawk says to (18:29):
Amy, any ideas if they would consider making the data (insulin dosing and glucose measurements) exportable into, say, an CSV or some other kind of “open standard” for us data-analysis geeks?
blondy2061h says to (18:29):
for freestyle strips
AmyT says to (18:29):
You can draw some insulin back out, but when the amount is very little, it’s hard to “suck” those few units out (excuse the expression)
AmyT says to (18:29):
AmyT says to (18:29):
I keep asking those questions, but they’re not allowed to give out product roadmap info…
*** (18:29):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , CTG !
Johnboy says to (18:30):
it’s not on my formulary either, but the ins co pays because its used with the integrated meter on the cozmo pump…there is some leeway depending on how the Rx is writen, i think
jasonjayhawk says to (18:30):
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Tell them, “At least Cozmo advertises Open Standards!” (They do on their website, at least).
blondy2061h says to (18:30):
Boo, high alarm with 2 up arrows
blondy2061h says to (18:30):
and it’s accurate
AmyT says to (18:30):
AmyT says to (18:30):
We’ve all been there.
shiksamaidel says to (18:30):
Amy is omnipod easy to use????
*** (18:31):CTG quit the room
blondy2061h says to (18:31):
I have it set at 180, and i’m 169, I was 105 about 15 minutes ago
*** (18:31):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , landileigh !
blondy2061h says to (18:31):
i flew up
AmyT says to (18:31):
Extremely! One of the best things about it.
DiabeticDiva says to (18:31):
Amy, do you work for Omnipod, or just use their products?
Jeff says to (18:31):
how many basal profiles do you use?
gina says (18:31):
so easy to use its virtually pain free lol
*** (18:31):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , yami !
sstrumello says to (18:31):
Geez … the guy at Agamatrix Keynote Wavesense was very forthcoming about the hassles of “push” vs. “pull” and Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs)
jasonjayhawk says to (18:31):
blondy, I thought you said you “threw up”. Gotcha. 😉
yami says to (18:31):
hello everyone
gina says (18:31):
hi yami
landileigh says to (18:32):
hello everyone!
yami says to (18:32):
how are you all . hi gina
gina says (18:32):
hi landi
landileigh says to (18:32):
hi gina!
AmyT says to (18:32):
I am not employed by them at all. I have done some writing projects in the past — a few “user profiles” of kids on the OP. But we have an agreement by which they tell me essentially NOTHING confidential. So I have no special visibility into the company.
AmyT says to (18:32):
Hi Gina!
yami says to (18:32):
wow first time and 17 folks amazing
gina says (18:33):
yami says to (18:33):
where are you from gina?
gina says (18:33):
yami this is a chat about the OMNI POD INSULIN PUMP

gina says (18:33):

sstrumello says to (18:33):
Totally unrelated note, but Novo Nordisk pulled the plug on their AERx inhaled insulin product today!

Jeff says to (18:33):

AmyT says to (18:33):
Who here will be using the OmniPod soon?

landileigh says to (18:34):
i’m sorry i’m late to this chat, so i don’t know if this question has been asked. what is the profile size of an omnipod compared to a paradigm or one of the other pumps?

Jeff says to (18:34):

*** (18:34):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , Sliderule !

yami says to (18:34):
what is omnipod?

AmyT says to (18:34):
The OP is about the size of half a kiwi, if that helps.

landileigh says to (18:34):
i’m trying to make up my mind as to which i want to use

gina says (18:34):
thats not too big

Jeff says to (18:34):
I tracked mine today online. It’s in Portland….lol

saraknic says to (18:34):

amy – my endo mentioned it is cheaper than MM

saraknic says to (18:34):
which got me interested

landileigh says to (18:34):
and because you love yours amy, is why i’m even thinking of the Omnipod

AmyT says to (18:35):
Yes, the upfront costs are lower than traditional pumps.

jasonjayhawk says to (18:35):
I hate to ask you this, but what’s the size of a kiwi? I’ve never been exposed to them in my midwest culture.

landileigh says to (18:35):
SARA! D-365!

AmyT says to (18:35):
Ooh, no pressure… <:o)

DiabeticDiva says to (18:35):
(here comes the BUT….)

DiabeticDiva says to (18:35):

saraknic says to (18:35):
yup – thats me!

AmyT says to (18:35):
Jason, you are kidding me!

saraknic says to (18:35):
i am uploading pics now

shiksamaidel says to (18:35):
Metoo hard to decide

AmyT says to (18:35):
pics of a kiwi?

jasonjayhawk says to (18:35):
Sara, you’re uploading pics of a kiwi? Thanks!

landileigh says to (18:35):
lol jason

chelsea says to (18:35):
how much insulin dose it fill

jasonjayhawk says to (18:35):
200 units.

saraknic says to (18:36):
um – no sorry jason

jasonjayhawk says to (18:36):
Is it joke time?

saraknic says to (18:36):
d-365 pics

sstrumello says to AmyT (18:36):
Amy, you mentioned that the upfront costs are lower than traditional pumps, does that mean the ongoing costs differ? It seems to me that you don’t have ongoing expense of sets and tubing, so the entire cost would be less, no?

DiabeticDiva says to (18:36):
Knock knock

jasonjayhawk says to (18:36):
Who’s there?

saraknic says to (18:36):
focus, people, focus 🙂

jasonjayhawk says to (18:37):
Each pod costs $35.

Jeff says to (18:37):
do you carry a pen Amy? How do you address a pod failure if your away from your home supply?

DiabeticDiva says to (18:37):
Good question

AmyT says to (18:37):
See <a href=””></a> for basics on the product

jasonjayhawk says to (18:37):
200 units per 3 days for typical people = $4300 a year for pods

AmyT says to (18:37):
Good question.

chelsea says to (18:37):
wow i

landileigh says to (18:37):
is the controller similar to other pumps? it looks kind of like a PDA

saraknic says to (18:38):
gosh, i use no where near 200 in three days

*** (18:38):jasonjayhawk left this room, entered another room

*** (18:38):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , jasonjayhawk !

saraknic says to (18:38):
that is why i am not sure
*** (18:38):landileigh quit the room

AmyT says to (18:38):
I’ve been kind of lax about that in day-to-day life. Always carry pen/syringes, etc. when I travel, but when I’m running around my home town I don’t. Once a pod came off my arm while we were eating out in San Francisco. Made me think I need to carry backup

*** (18:38):yami left this room, entered another room

jasonjayhawk says to (18:38):
Any idea if the controller is upgradable, should they have firmware updates for it?

shiksamaidel says to (18:39):
do you need 2 fill all 200 units?

blondy2061h says to (18:39):
sara, you don’t need to fill it all the way

AmyT says to (18:39):
No. minimum is 100u

*** (18:39):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , landileigh !

landileigh says to (18:39):
i got kicked out

jasonjayhawk says to (18:39):
Does it prime itself while it’s stuck on you? Or do you do that before you stick it on?

Jeff says to (18:39):
I’ve been thinking how to address that issue Amy

AmyT says to (18:39):
I’m sure they controller will be upgraded at some point, but like i said, they won’t give me any future plan info…

jasonjayhawk says to (18:39):

landileigh: probably kicked out for telling a bad knock-knock joke.

AmyT says to (18:39):
Priming happens before you insert

DiabeticDiva says to (18:39):
Do you really change yours every 2-3 days? (I know we’re sopposed to, but sometimes I leave my pump site in for up to 5 days)

jasonjayhawk says to (18:40):
Yeah, does it force you to change?

AmyT says to (18:40):
As noted, you HAVE TO change after 3 days.

saraknic says to (18:40):
right but a pod is a pod. $35 no matter how much i fill it

AmyT says to (18:40):

*** (18:40):jasonjayhawk left this room, entered another room
*** (18:40):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , jasonjayhawk !

landileigh says to (18:40):
does your insurance cover the omnipod?

Dan F says to (18:40):
Not having backup around town not any worse that leaving kit
at home in traditional mode.

AmyT says to (18:40):
It does now. Took a while.

jasonjayhawk says to (18:40):
Was it on your blog, or somewhere else, that stated something about the # of OmniPod users out there now? It was over 1,000, from what I can recall.

gina says (18:40):
if i leave my pump on for more than 3 days it starts hurting

jasonjayhawk says to (18:41):
If you carry a backup, that would mean needing a backup of an insulin vial, too. That would be more difficult, compared to standard pumps, where you just need an infusion set in the glove compartment.

sstrumello says to (18:41):
Amy, the Apidra Opticlix pen cartridges are HUGE, so its not really something you could carry around as a backup anyway!

Jeff says to (18:41):
ever use a leg application?

AmyT says to (18:41):
There’s a blog saying there are almost 2500 users. See <a href=””></a>

blondy2061h says to (18:42):
I often wear my infusion set 4-5 days

landileigh says to (18:42):
how about activities with the omnipod? do you shower with it on? swim? other outside activities?

*** (18:42):Dan F quit the room

*** (18:42):DiabeticDiva left this room, entered another room

AmyT says to (18:42):
Yup, shower, swim, plus “other activities” 8-|

jasonjayhawk says to (18:42):
gina, you must need a new pump, if it starts hurting after wearing it for 3 days, it must weigh 20 pounds or more! :O

gina says (18:42):

*** (18:42):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , DiabeticDiva !

jasonjayhawk says to (18:43):

Jeff: I thought you said “ever use leg amputation?” Whew.

shiksamaidel says to (18:43):
How about a day on the beach?

AmyT says to (18:43):
Yeah, what was that question?

landileigh says to (18:43):
where do you usually put the omnipod? belly? arm? leg? anyplace very uncomfortable?

Jeff says to (18:43):

AmyT says to (18:43):
I’ve been to the beach many times, yes. As noted on my blog, I bought a whole new wardrobe of “Tankinis” this year to cover the bump.

*** (18:43):jasonjayhawk left this room, entered another room

*** (18:43):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , jasonjayhawk !

landileigh says to (18:44):
lol, heck i should just drive down and see the thing in person! shouldn’t i amy?

gina says (18:43):
i remember that blog post

gina says (18:44):
she had a pic on her blog

shiksamaidel says to (18:44):
Any prob with the insulin cooking??

saraknic says to (18:44):
jason – what is going on with your computer?

AmyT says to (18:44):
Arm is sometimes uncomfortable. Plus I sometimes don’t get such good absorption there. But I have to give my belly a break now &amp; then.

jasonjayhawk says to (18:45):
Mmmm, did somebody say cooking? sara: every time I hit a key I couldn’t hit, it kicks me into a different room. I should stop hitting that up arrow key.(Tp)

saraknic says to (18:45):
sounds like it!

AmyT says to (18:45):
Stay put, Jason!

*** (18:46):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , Lark !

*** (18:46):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , kristaw !

jasonjayhawk says to (18:46):
Now you see why I need an Omnipod….if I had cord, I’d be pulling it out!

AmyT says to (18:46):
What else do you guys think is different from other pumps?

blondy2061h says to (18:46):
I like tht you can mark bg’s as before or after a meal

Jeff says to (18:46):
omni is better……

blondy2061h says to (18:47):
but I wish it used that to do averages

shiksamaidel says to (18:47):
Amy, is this your first pump?

sstrumello says to (18:47):
How big is the controller? The size of a typical remote control?

blondy2061h says to (18:47):

and a before/after meal chart in the software

AmyT says to (18:47):
Yup, first pump for me. I had no desire to go “wired”

jasonjayhawk says to (18:47):
The data exchange is my biggest concern. I wish they’d commit to better software for retrospective data analysis. I’m all about looking at past events to predict the future. (Like if I keep hitting the up arrow, will I do it again? Probably…. ({)

gina says (18:47):
i remember when amy didnt want a pump at all!

AmyT says to (18:47):
Sort of like a chunky blackberry, I’d say.

jasonjayhawk says to (18:48):

gina: i’m the same way. Never pumped in my life, but now I want to try the Omnipod.

AmyT says to (18:48):
Yes, the Geeks will have that issue, Jason 😀

landileigh says to saraknic (18:48):
my endo is trying to get me to think about a pump
*** (18:48):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , Betsy !

gina says (18:48):
the wire is annoying on my pump. but, if i didnt have it i couldnt open doors! llol

AmyT says to (18:49):
I have to say, compared to injecting: this is heavenly.

blondy2061h says to (18:49):
never had a problem with tubing honestly

landileigh says to saraknic (18:49):
and i wouldn’t have even looked at an omnipod if it wasn’t for amy’s love of hers

Jeff says to (18:49):
amy, ever use upper leg for pod location?

AmyT says to (18:49):
Not even on the toilet? Or changing your clothes? Or during sex? The tubing looks very cumbersome to me.

gina says (18:49):
have you ever used your butt like that pic on your blog!

saraknic says to (18:50):

sstrumello says to (18:50):
Disconnect the pump for sex … its exercise!

*** (18:50):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , -mikee !

AmyT says to (18:50):
Nope. The pod’s too chunky for my shapely legs, I’d say (LOL)

gina says (18:50):
scott lol

-mikee says to (18:50):
holyyy snipes

saraknic says to (18:50):
you disconnect for exercise?

gina says (18:50):
i do

shiksamaidel says to (18:50):
Amy, wht is your blog address?

-mikee says to (18:50):
wow were talking about sex?

gina says (18:50):
tonite i forgot to disconnect

AmyT says to (18:50):
You know, I’m told lots of kids wear the OP on their upper buttocks, but I think that would bother me.

gina says (18:50):
no mikkee

blondy2061h says to (18:51):
honestly, I guess it’s what you’re used to.

AmyT says to (18:51):
<a href=””></a>

-mikee says to (18:51):
man i dont want to get into that..i know what its like.

blondy2061h says to (18:51):
I’d find a pod you can’t remove more intrusive than a pump you can

blondy2061h says to (18:51):
during sex

blondy2061h says to (18:51):
and i take my pump off to change

-mikee says to (18:51):
oh i seeee

AmyT says to (18:51):
Mikee is getting interested now

gina says (18:51):
mikee is a teen

gina says (18:51):

-mikee says to (18:51):
cuz i just got here and then all of a sudden were talking about this.

Jeff says to (18:51):

gina says (18:51):
of course he is lol

jasonjayhawk says to (18:51):
Did anyone see on Omnipod’s site a form that you could submit so that they would send you a free non-working pod, so you can see what it looks like? I can’t find the link, but I know it’s out there.

-mikee says to (18:52):
heheh wow im embarrassed.

blondy2061h says to (18:52):
I’m totally gonna be all about the pod though if it gets smaller and lighter

landileigh says to saraknic (18:52):
i’d love to see that jason if you can find it!

blondy2061h says to (18:52):
yes, i requested one jason

sstrumello says to jasonjayhawk (18:52):
That would be of interest — seriously

AmyT says to (18:52):
Well, I like the fact that its on all the time. I don’t want to deal with on/off . But sometimes I wish the profile were flatter (during sex)

saraknic says to (18:52):
there was a thread in most of the forums about it

DiabeticDiva says to (18:52):
As long as it wasn’t one of the bloody returned ones

saraknic says to (18:52):

christine – what was it, you remember?

DiabeticDiva says to (18:52):
just kidding

jasonjayhawk says to (18:52):
HAHAHAA Diva! 😀 😀 😀

blondy2061h says to (18:52):
the form on the wbesite

blondy2061h says to (18:52):
to request a sample pod

Jeff says to (18:52):
I thought mine would be here before todays chat

saraknic says to (18:52):

saraknic says to (18:53):

they are wondering around here 😀
*** (18:53):landileigh quit the room

*** (18:53):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , landileigh !

-mikee says to (18:53):

AmyT says to (18:53):
too bad, Jeff. You can email me when you get it

landileigh says to (18:53):
hopefully i’ll just talk to the room now

Jeff says to (18:53):

landileigh says to (18:53):

*** (18:53):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , learning !

shiksamaidel says to (18:53):

jasonjayhawk says to (18:53):
<a href=””></a> – free demo pod. But no mentions if it’s bloody or not.

DiabeticDiva says to (18:54):

gina says (18:54):

Betsy says to (18:54):
Hey Amy-how long did it take you to figure out your basals?

AmyT says to (18:54):
Oh, and the other cool thing is that it’s a glucose meter and pump in one. I love less to schlep around.

blondy2061h says to (18:54):
Eww Jason

Lark says to (18:54):
My son is 5 and using the pod and we’ve found that an adult wrist band is the best way to keep the pod on his upper arm. Thought it might help someone out there…

Jeff says to (18:54):
I think the future is pod, smaller versions, better PDM’s, etc….

blondy2061h says to (18:54):
I want a sample pod that’s properly weighted

jasonjayhawk says to (18:55):
Jeff, remember when the future was an internal insulin pump? I read somewhere (Amy’s blog?) that it was d/c’ed in trials. It used U-400 insulin.

AmyT says to (18:55):
Not that long, a few weeks, I guess. But now I think my basals might need readjustment. That’s frustrating.

-mikee says to (18:55):
so are we STILL talking about this?

Jeff says to (18:55):
do you use the omni case that it comes with?

jasonjayhawk says to (18:55):
Do you modify your basals on your own accord, Amy? Or do you resist the

AmyT says to (18:55):
They’re still working on the internal.

saraknic says to (18:55):
resist the temptation?

Johnboy says to (18:55):
Isn’t adjusting basals aways frustrating?

saraknic says to (18:55):
why resist?

jasonjayhawk says to (18:55):
Because if you modify your basals too much, you’ll never know what’s causing the changes.

AmyT says to (18:56):
hmm, I just modified my own IC ratio. I’m toying with the idea of changing the basals, too. Crazy!!

Betsy says to (18:56):
I’m on the POD and trying to do my basal tests…A1C wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.

jasonjayhawk says to (18:56):
How did you decide upon the initial basal settings?

AmyT says to (18:56):

Betsey, how are you doing the basal tests?

*** (18:56):Lark quit the room

saraknic says to (18:56):
you guys read Pumping Insulin, right?

jasonjayhawk says to (18:57):
Does anyone here have a “good” A1c and still want to go on a pump? I’ve never had over a 5.8% on MDI (10 tests/day, 8+ jabs/day).

*** (18:57):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , Max !

Betsy says to (18:57):
Overnight this time around. They think I’m going high when I’m not testing 8-10 times a day!

saraknic says to (18:57):
it has charts and stuff that help you test your basal

AmyT says to (18:57):
Our hero, Jason.

Jeff says to (18:57):
6.7 here

DiabeticDiva says to (18:57):

saraknic says to (18:57):
5.8 here

jasonjayhawk says to (18:58):
*bows* ^o)

saraknic says to (18:58):
but i pump lol

landileigh says to (18:58):
6.2 here

*** (18:58):chelsea quit the room

landileigh says to (18:58):
and i am being asked by my endo to make a choice

AmyT says to (18:58):
I’m currently somewher between 5.9 and 6.9 depending on who you believe. Those on-site Metrika tests worry me…

saraknic says to (18:58):
with Apidra

saraknic says to (18:58):
i dont believe in those Amy

jasonjayhawk says to (18:58):
Has anyone heard the bad news that the Colonel died? They can’t decide how to cremate him……

AmyT says to (18:59):
Naw, me neither. That would make me

jasonjayhawk says to (18:59):
Regular….or extra-tastey-crispy.
*** (18:59):AllieB2 quit the room

AmyT says to (18:59):
Too many carbs, Jason

saraknic says to (18:59):
the only A1C i believe is a blood draw sent to a lab

AmyT says to (18:59):
I hear you
*** (18:59):DiabeticDiva quit the room

shiksamaidel says to (18:59):
6.9 after 53 years

jasonjayhawk says to (18:59):
I think I might actually be going hypo right now. Do’h.

AmyT says to (18:59):

gina says (19:00):
i waas 8 the last test

gina says (19:00):

saraknic says to (19:00):
jason – is that what is causing the bad jokes

Betsy says to (19:00):
Am I hearing that the ones they’ve done in the office might not have been true tests??

jasonjayhawk says to (19:00):
I think so, Sara. Normally I tell good jokes. *sigh*

gina says (19:00):

AmyT says to (19:00):
Yes, Betsy, I’m not trusting those

AmyT says to (19:00):
Unless its that DCA 2000 machine
*** (19:00):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , szabel !

jasonjayhawk says to (19:01):
I wonder if any geeks have a DCA 2000 in their basement.

landileigh says to (19:01):
amy, do you find that you have less “garbage” than you would with a regular pump? i just see people with all that STUFF!

AmyT says to (19:01):
Well, I never used a regular pump, but there is minimal garbage with the OP, considering its usefulness.

Betsy says to (19:01):
Well, now I wonder if the couple of years I was 6.5 and lower wasn’t really my real A1C. They just started doing lab draws since I’ve been on the pump.

jasonjayhawk says to (19:01):
How about scars from the omnipump….see any evidence of those yet? Are the canulas made from steel or teflon?

AmyT says to (19:02):
And did you go up, Betsy?

AmyT says to (19:02):
No “evidence” of scars yet.

Betsy says to (19:02):
Oh yeaaaahh. 7.5 at last count.

AmyT says to (19:02):

AmyT says to (19:02):
I mean about going upwards.

gina says (19:02):
my doc wants me to start using my arms he thinks i have scar tissue

kristaw says to Betsy (19:03):
i just went on the paradigm 722 this afternoon

shiksamaidel says to (19:03):
Amy, how long are you using the pod?

blondy2061h says to (19:03):
I hate using arms

saraknic says to (19:03):

gina – this quickly/.

blondy2061h says to (19:03):
though I’ll use them once in awhile

saraknic says to (19:03):

Max says to (19:03):
Amy, have you thought of covering/giving more attention to the exciting LCT work with islet transplantation. The preliminary results are very, very encourging. BTW, am on the Omnipod when I learned about it on your marvelouis site. LOVE the pod.

blondy2061h says to (19:03):
i like legs, stomach, and side

Betsy says to (19:03):
Double ugh. I wear it on my lower belly and have no scars. Amy am I right that you use your…shoulder for a site?

AmyT says to (19:03):
Hey Guys, its past my dinnertime here, so I’ll have to log off soon. Any last questions?

AmyT says to (19:03):
Yes, shoulder. OK most of the time, with a few knock-offs…

jasonjayhawk says to (19:03):
It’s 9 PM and my wife is making me go to bed. It’s been so nice meeting you all. Keep up the great blogging, Amy. Thanks for tollerating my jokes, gina and sara. 🙂

saraknic says to (19:04):
nite jason

gina says (19:04):
haha no prob

AmyT says to (19:04):

gina says (19:04):
i will post up this chat

*** (19:04):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , michelle5923 !

shiksamaidel says to (19:04):

Betsy says to (19:04):

landileigh says to (19:04):
just to let you know amy, manny sent you, me and kelly an email
*** (19:04):jasonjayhawk left this room, entered another room

Jeff says to (19:04):

blondy2061h says to (19:04):
thanks amy
michelle5923 says to (19:04):
*** (19:04):blondy2061h quit the room

gina says (19:04):

saraknic says to (19:04):
thanks amy!
*** (19:04):saychz quit the room
andileigh says to (19:04):
i think i’m just going to see the thing in person so i can decide. thank you amy!
*** (19:04):saraknic quit the room

AmyT says to (19:04):
Feel free to visit me any time at <a href=””></a>, and also send me any input, tips, etc to [email protected]
*** (19:04):Welcome to OMNIPOD Chat , lcgam !
gina says (19:04):
thanks amy

*** (19:05):grandmaberta left this room, entered another room

michelle5923 says to (19:05):
im a type 2 diabetic

sstrumello says to (19:05):
Good evening everyone!

landileigh says to (19:05):
night scott!

sstrumello says to (19:05):
Thanks, Amy!
*** (19:06):sstrumello quit the room
AmyT says to (19:06):
Thanks, everyone. Goodnight!
landileigh says to (19:06):
night amy
*** (19:06):Betsy quit the room
Jeff says to (19:06):
thanks Gina, Amy for the chat
*** (19:06):kristaw quit the room

landileigh says to (19:06):
thank you gina for the chat! i learned a lot!