November 9, 2011

Thank You D Community


I was diagnosed in 2007 after a heart attack at the age of 35.

I felt alone, scared, sad, angry, and ashamed. How did I do this to myself? When I returned home from the hospital, I jumped online and began my quest to understand my disease. After days of googling, my brain was filled with facts but none of that made me feel any better.

My insurance company suggested that I take advantage of the therapy benefits and seek therapeutic help. After a couple of months of sessions, I felt that the therapist was not able to understand what I am going through.

Finally I found tudiabetes online community headed by Manny Hernandez. I even drove up to Orlando to meet Manny in person. The online community provided an outlet to scream when my numbers were terrible and a cheering section when my A1C started to improve. The community provide a safe place where a novice like me could obtain practical, sound advice.

A community, even a virtual one, provides safety in numbers. With diabetes it often feels like its me versus the WORLD. With my online friends, I feel like I have a good shot to win.