November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving with Diabetes


I love the holidays and Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite of all. Something I struggle with each year is how I can make sure I enjoy the holidays and try not to carb-o-load and make myself sick.

Something I try to do is make sure that I plan ahead. Usually our family eats earlier in the day from 2pm till about 7pm. (Hey, we are Italian!) So, I will eat something really light for breakfast and it will hold me till dinner starts, it really helps you from not being starving before you eat your holiday dinner. Staying close to your regular schedule actually helps your blood sugars too. Another thing I will do is add a temporary basal rate 20% more than usual, before I head out which for carbs and all of the grazing. It is something that my doctor and I discussed before hand. You should always consult your doctor if you are going to make a change.

Since, everyone in my family obviously knows I have diabetes they will also make a lot of greens to help me out, not that it really helps because Thanksgiving is all about the sides haha. I do know some people that go out on turkey day that will bring their own food with them in case they don’t know what is on the menu. Which is a really good way to control your blood sugars and know what you are going to eat for sure.

If you want to really watch your carbs have lower blood sugars and avoid your waist size from growing you should really watch your portions. I know that its really hard but if you want to be as healthy as you can portion control can really help.

If you are like me and like to talk maybe focusing on chatting it up with family members can help you to avoid thinking about food. In our family we like a game called left, right center game we play it for money and it gets really competitive and kids can play too! It’s very easy.

I try to eat the same amount of carbs I would at a regular lunch or dinner and if I know I want a slice of chocolate pudding pie from my favorite bakery ever, I’ve been known to skip some side dishes to allow myself more carbs at dessert.

When I eat more carbs than I thought I was going to, and my blood sugar just completely spikes off the charts which normally happens I will stop eating anything else, and really try to focus on spending time with my family and getting my blood sugars down and my mom will always remind me to start drinking a lot of water. At times I beat myself up about overindulging but, the next day I will go back to my regularly scheduled channel.

Hope you all will have a fabulous Thanksgiving!