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Gina Capone

Gina Capone
President & CEO


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Gina Capone is a long-time diabetes advocate and social media entrepreneur, having created and contributed to numerous diabetes websites, blogs and other social community forums over the last decade.   In 2000 she co-founded, a site dedicated to hosting live chats with clinical and research professionals in the field of diabetes, where she moderates the weekly discussions and authors the DiabetesTalkFest blog. She also serves as the community manager of, the JDRF type 1 social website for people with diabetes and their families, and is an expert patient blogger on Health Central.

Gina also serves on a patient advisory board for Roche Diagnostics and a member of Diabetes Advocates a not-for-profit program that connects diabetes advocates, helps them work together, and pools their resources to help people with diabetes.

Among her ongoing efforts as an advocate for all diabetes patients, Gina has created and currently manages the CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) Anti-Denial Campaign website, providing members with crucial information for helping those with diabetes obtain coverage for continuous glucose monitors.

Gina currently manages The Diabetes OC which is a collection of diabetes bloggers and weekly featured bloggers.

Her newest venture is the creation of this comprehensive online diabetes directory called The Diabetes Resource — Your Friendly Guide to a Prickly Topic, which pools all of the diabetes resources on the internet, from support groups and camps to management and research information.

In addition to her extensive internet and social media background, she is also a graphic designer with over 10 years experience in the field and she is always looking for more opportunities!

Gina and her husband live in New York, with their daughter Gemma, a Sharpei Beagle mix.