Editorial Policy

All editorial content on The Diabetes Resource is chosen by its editors.

Our integrity and your trust in us is the most important thing. Therefore it’s critical for you to know that this will never be a “pay-for-play” site and none of the editorial content on The Diabetes Resource will ever be paid for. That’s what our advertisers are for. And all advertising and advertorials will always be labeled as such.  We’re not a fan of sellouts and we believe strongly in the motto of practice what you preach.

Although, should we ever do a program for one of our sponsors that includes an e-mail effort you will see these e-mails identified as “Dedicated Emails.”  And yes, these are paid for.

These will be campaigns that we manage and our sponsors will never see our database or newsletter subscriber list. You have our word that our subscriber list will always remain private and never sold to anyone.

We look forward to being your best resource for diabetes on the web.