December 2, 2010

PRODUCT GIVEAWAY: Cold & Flu Season with Diabetes


Cold & Flu Season Has Arrived – What People with Diabetes Need to Know:

1) Don’t hesitate, vaccinate: People with diabetes are more likely to suffer serious complications from the flu, like pneumonia. Vaccination is the first line of defense. For best protection, get a flu shot as early as possible. Flu shots are easier to get than ever. No need to make a special trip to your doctor’s office; retail pharmacies like CVS/pharmacy are offering them in-store at convenient times.

2) Get others on the bandwagon: Encourage the people you spend the most time with to get vaccinated too. It’s important to avoid contact with those who might be sick, as the flu is thought to be spread mainly from person-to-person.

3) Testing 1, 2, 3: If you do get sick, the symptoms may make you less likely to recognize spikes and dips in your blood sugar. That’s one reason why regularly testing your blood sugar levels when you’re sick is more critical than ever.

4) Don’t let the flu consume you: Although being sick may decrease your appetite, try to eat as you normally would, and make sure to hydrate. Dehydration and changes to your diet can dramatically affect your blood sugar.

5) Know what’s in that medicine: Some over the counter cold medications contain sugar. Pharmacists are available to consult about which cold and flu relief products are safe for people with diabetes.

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CVS Flu shots

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