December 2, 2011

I’m down with APP!


Artificial PancreasMyself, along with over 110,000 diabetes advocates signed a petition asking the FDA to issue draft guidance by December 1 that would advance the testing and development of artificial pancreas systems. And yesterday, we took two more baby steps closer to the Artificial Pancreas Project becoming a reality.

I have to admit that the notion of having another medical device attached to my body doesn’t sound too appealing. Let’s be honest, we want a cure not another device. But what’s the definition of a cure anyway? It’s different to everyone, right? Maybe I won’t ever see a cure in my lifetime, and it’s possible that my kids won’t either. I have come to terms with that and I will take what I can get!

Since my diagnosis back in 2000 I have always had a fear of not waking up because of a hypo in the middle of the night causing me to have a really bad case of insomnia. I have not had a good night sleep in about 11 years. So if I could sleep easier at night because there is a safety feature built into a device that shuts the pump off when I am experiencing hypoglycemia I am all for it!

The artificial pancreas could potentially change my life along with all other people living with diabetes. We could live easier without having to worry as much about highs and lows, and our risks of complications could be much less over our lifetime.

Technology has advanced so much and I am confident that this device will help all of us.  I am glad that safety and effectiveness is the number 1 priority because we do need to know that the device will actually work!

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