October 20, 2011

Once per week type 2 injection


A new class of Type 2 injection therapy has been doing drug trials. One of the drugs, albiglutide, has been running a trial called Harmony http://www.harmonyclinicaltrials.com/studyinfo.htm . Not much has been published about this drug, but it has a half life of four to seven days, which means that it can be used once per week. There are rumors of other drugs that can last as long as a month in the body. Once a month injection would change the lives of Type 2 diabetics.

There is also another promising technology that can help both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. There are some trials of insulin capsule implants where a tiny metal tube is inserted just beneath the skin in the abdomen area. The procedure is done at the doctor’s office and heals quickly without significant scarring.