What is The Diabetes Resource? The Diabetes Resource is a website and weekly newsletter, it’s your ULTIMATE guide to everything diabetes. To learn more about us, click here.

Can I send you an idea for TDR exclusives? Of course you can! We love hearing from our readership and if you’ve got an idea we want you to share it with us. Just shoot us an email by using our contact page.  If you are sending us info about your websites, products or events please include a description of it and we will review your idea and if we like it our editors will contact you to learn more.

Is there paid editorial content on TDR? Nope. All editorial content on TDR is chosen by and written by our editors. Our integrity and your trust is the most important thing. Therefore it’s critical for you to know that this will never be a “pay-for-play” site and none of the content on The Diabetes Resource will ever be paid for. That’s what our advertisers are for. Check out our editorial policy for more info.

How do you make money then? Advertising! Banner ads, and sponsored links which will run along the top, bottom right or left of the website and newsletters. Sponsored chats as well as, dedicated emails which will be sent out from time to time about one product or service from only one company. Dedicated emails will always be clearly labeled on the top of the newsletter.

Are there jobs available at The Diabetes Resource? Currently we aren’t hiring, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want you to send us your resume.

Do you offer internships? We do. Either on a short or long term basis. If you want become an intern for TDR send us an email on the contact page.

Will you share my email address or personal information? No way Jose! Your information is safe with us. We have a privacy policy and we know how to use it!



How can I search for information? You can search for articles, events, websites and businesses by using our search engine which is located in the green box on the middle of all pages. Just type in a few keywords in the text box area, and then press the magnifying glass, and you’ll get a list of resources that contain those words.

How can I find listings in the directory? You can click any of the colored icons in the center of the page which will list all categories related to it.  Then pick which link you would like to search through.

Can I add my website or business to the directory? Of course you can. On the top right of every page there is an ADD YOUR LISTING link, click on it and add your information into the form. You can add your listing into as many categories as you would like. Don’t forget to press submit at the bottom of the page!

Is there a full list of diabetes events? At the top of the page in the navigation bar there is a link called Events. If you click on it you can search all new event listings. There will also be a drop down box in the list to search by your state as well.

How do I add my diabetes event? It’s easy on the right side of all pages there is a box that says Upcoming Events, at the bottom of the box it says add your event. Just click on it and fill out the form.

I added my listing/event but I don’t see it on the list, what gives? To prevent spammers and give you the best possible experience on our website, we go through each and every link that comes through our form page to make sure it is a credible source of information. The link will be pending in our back-end system until we approve or deny it. Once we approve the listing it will be added instantly. So please be patient. If you don’t see your link posted after two weeks time please send us an email directly so we can be sure to review it and add it as soon as possible.