November 22, 2011

Divabetic – national nonprofit organization about diabetes


A diva is someone that exudes confidence, power and positivity. In honor of R & B legend Luther Vandros, add the “V” to diabetic, and you get Divabetic! Max Szadek is the founder of Divabetic and long-time assistant of Luther Vandross.

Divabetic was created to encourage women at risk, affected by and living with diabetes to live life at their best – manage your diabetes properly and feel glamorous.

In the beginning, Divabetic operated as a fundraising effort for various diabetes charities. The funds were raised by selling t-shirts with the catchphrase sugar’s the bitch, not me. I love it! Take a look at all the offerings on CafePress. It’ll turn heads.

To get a glimpse of Mr. Divabetic himself in his fabulous Fruit Suit – please check out the clip from FOX News!

One of the unique features of Divabetic is not just the unspoken messages on the merchandise – but the outspoken outreach programs like: Diva TalkRadio, Divabetic Club nights, Divabetic Makeover Your Diabetes and plenty of other workshops focusing on real life problems, body image issues, and matters of the heart.

Whether it’s Nashville, TN, Pittsburgh, PA, Hartford, CT, New Orleans, LA, Los Angeles, CA or New York City, NY – Divabetic is sweeping the nation with a decidedly convincing message: “glam more, fear less!”