October 7, 2011

The Wonderful Tales from the Type 2 Experience!


I am happy to introduce the newest member of our contributors, Chrystal Leary.

My name is Chrystal Leary and I am a Type 2 insulin dependent, vivacious, straight to the point, fun loving, and opinionated diabetic.  Since being diagnosed I have learned so much about myself and how to care for my condition.  Loving yourself and management are the keys to diabetic survival.  It is my pleasure to share my experiences with other Type 2 diabetes and also to hear from you – the reader.

I have my own blog dedicated to helping newbies and other Type 2 survivors called SEXYDIABETIC.COM.  My blog contains current diabetic news, events and my adventures living with diabetes. I also openly discuss issues as it pertains to ethnicity and socioeconomic situations that are associated with having a chronic disease. My blog is the only one that addresses these concerns.  These are important topics because they are often left out of the most diabetic blog discussions even though ethnicity is a major factor in the development of diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes disproportionally afflicts nonwhites, with rates about two times as high in African Americans, two to three times as high in American Hispanics, and five to six times as high in American Indians as it is in American whites.

It is certainly a great opportunity to write a column to express how to live and love yourself with Type 2 diabetes.  It is not easy to accept Type 2 diabetes because it changes our lives. It may make us reevaluate our lifestyles. Some people don’t understand how hard it is to change old habits.  I do!  I am living this new journey with you.  Please feel free to tell me about your experiences!

Besides writing and working, I have a few hobbies which would include crocheting, cooking, designing crafts, and playing my congas.

Chrystal Leary is a contributor to The Diabetes Resource, find her at the sexydiabetic.com