October 1, 2011

Turnover rate for fat



Think of a turnover. A crispy delight that fulfills your carb cravings and temporarily satisfies your sweet tooth. Now The following information may leave you thinking twice about how long you’re going to lease property to that turnover. Keep in mind – this is not an attempt to vilify turnovers. It’s just easier to preemp a slower turnover rate of fat cells with a picture of a pastry.

New research shows that the average turnover rate for fat cells in the body is a year and a half . This is true for those who are members of the non-obese population. However those who are considered obese hang on to their fat stores unequivocally longer. Research shows that obese individuals take up to 2 years for the turnover rate of fat cells.

Fat cell turnover for non-obese individuals is faster than obese individuals because of the trickle-down effects of fat metabolism. As the body has more fat tissue the fat removal rate decreases and the fat storage rate increases. Together this adds up to a net gain for obese individuals. Whereas non-obese individuals are able to maintain no net increase in fat storage.

There really is no nice way of putting it: fat begets fat. It sad but true – and now scientifically proven. Maybe there’s an evolutionary excuse for this? Back in the day when famine was not unheard of – the body had to be ready for the hammer to drop. Maybe this is just an evolutionary safeguard?

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