December 16, 2011

Whatever your type – you can ROCK a Blue Shoe


Blue is seen as a dependable, loyal and committed color. Walking in heels is challenging – but so is living with diabetes. If a society existed to promote awareness, pursue the fight for a cure, highligh  obstacles of people with diabetes, and promote advocacy for the diabetic community as a whole – how appropriate would it be if this inspirational tribe was called the Blue Heel Society?

Founded by a trio of folks that desire to campaign the need for advocacy, awareness, encouragement and support for the plight of people living with diabetes – consequently the Blue Heel Society was established on November 13th, the day before World Diabetes Day, 2011.

You read what it is that brings people together for this mission – and you realize it’s more than a fashionable crusade. It’s an empathetic drive that fuels the Blue Heel Society. In fact – raising funds is not the means by which the job is done by this unique society of champions. It is powered by strength, dedication, and passion of our partners.

The co-founders are worth meeting based on the brief introduction you get on the about page of the site. 

LEXI“: Mother of two amazing super-heroes, wife to my better half, JDRF Walk Chair/Volunteer, and SO much more. Strong advocate for Type 1 Diabetes, Alopecia Areata, & Congential Adrenal Hyperplasia.

“T”: Endurance mountain biker, Type 1 diabetic for the past 34 years, blogger, father of 2 young boys, bear dodger, Blue Heel Society tech guru. (aka – A monkey with keys).

DWOWW“: Mother of a young pump wearing Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed 18 months ago. Has a keen eye for shoes, and a heart for raising diabetic awareness and promoting advocacy for the cause.

I recommend you dig a little further and read more about them on Sweet Advice from Michelle Litchman.

The long and the short of the Blue Heel Society is that they have an agenda for the wellbeing of people with diabetes. They choose to stand up, be seen, and be heard in their Blue Heels. If you wish to be a fashionista for a cause – this is your style!