September 9, 2013

A New Diet Protocol to Fight Obesity


svelteAt some point many of us have been married or unfaithful to the low-carb lifestyle in hopes of having success at lowering the scale. A new study published in Metabolomics says that a novel dietary protocol may be the path to the physique of a svelte track star.

Short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) and branch-chain amino acids (BCAA) play an integral role in intestinal microbia and the metabolic disorders and obesity that ensue.

SCFA  are elevated in obese people.  Higher levels of BCAAs are associated with obesity in children and adolescents. This study was designed to measure and harness these two culprits of obesity.

The levels of SCFA and BCAA were measured in fecal samples of rats fed different diets. It was also translated into fecal samples of humans. Diets do affect the concentration of the end result of food consumption.

Assuming that the end result we’re looking for in a healthy diet will produce less of the bad SCFA and BCAA, wouldn’t it make sense to consume foods that obliterate the bad guys? The svelte track star to the rescue is the colony of gut microbia.

This study and others have strongly suggested that the gut microbiota play an important role in the regulation of energy balance and weight. By measuring the SCFA and BCAA, researchers are able to quantify the population of the vitally important gut microbia. Treatments can then be developed to cultivate the proper growth of the good guys.

Yogurt anyone?

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