January 2, 2014

A Spoonful of Insulin Makes the Sugar Go Down


fast-companyIt may not be a spoonful of medicine but it’s insulin by way of mouth. The Jerusalem-based company, Oramed, announced promising results for the efficacy of its flagship product, oral insulin.

The magazine Fast Company thinks Oramed is making a progressive success on the chemical genius with which it is packaging the delicate hormone, insulin. Making it through the  stomach without degradation from stomach acid is quite a feat. In order for insulin to be taken orally, it must make it to the intestines for absorption.

ORMD-0801, oral insulin capsule, reported successful results in a clinical trial testing the dose response in people withT1D. Using varying doses at different visits, blood glucose and insulin levels were then monitored for 5 hours.  Both the glucose response and insulin dosing had a positive correlation in patients.

The CEO of Oramed is delighted with the T1D clinical trials results and looks forward to transitioning this into trials for people with T2D.

ORMD-0801 is designed to replace the bolus mealtime insulin doses. Replacing this with an insulin capsule would significantly reduce the number of daily injection.  Oramed even believes that oral insulin may enable tighter regulation of blood sugar by directly affecting glucose control in the liver.

Learn more about this potentially safer, non-invasive, glucose controlling method that may be here sooner than we realize. Nobody likes shots. This may be a pill easy to swallow with good reason.

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