January 31, 2012

Alec Baldwin drops 30 lbs after pre-diabetes warning


The Words with Friends fanatic has reportedly lost 30 pounds after he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

It took Baldwin four months of giving up sugar to result in the weight loss. “I do Pilates and spin, but I don’t do as much yoga as I’d like. When we’re shooting and I can’t work out, I just have to eat less. So I’m very conscious of that.”

Baldwin is the outspoken star of “30 Rock”. He speaks on behalf of many causes but the one that resonates with the diabetes crowd is all too familiar, “sugar was the real killer for me — that was the problem.”

Maybe the outbursts on the voicemail to his daughter (aka the “rude, thoughtless, little pig”) or the tirade for Words with Friends incident on the delayed flight can be summed up by mood swings triggered by glucose instability. I’m not judging but these are examples of rash behavios that are hindsight hiccups.

Dapper and determined, Baldwin appeared at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in L.A.  He has given up the sugar habit – but not Words with Friends.  

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