February 28, 2014

American Girl Accessories for Diabetes


dollsThe American Girl Doll Company has been a rite of passage for many kids throughout the years. Dolls made by this company encompass many facets of life and are not only cherished by the children who love them but are tools for learning about life. The reason this company is in the headlines is because a young girl with diabetes is petitioning the company to make diabetes accessories for their dolls.

American Girl makes accessories to encompass all issues kids may come across in life. Dolls can be fitted with a hearing aid, a wheelchair, or if a condition arises that results in hair loss like chemotherapy. Isn’t it a situation worth learning about to offer diabetes accessories, as well?

The historical line teaches about the legacy of encounters in a specific timeframe. The girl of the year emphasizes talents, aspirations, and characteristics that are inspiring to young people. My younger sister and her best friend had dolls that looked like them, back in the day. That’s a thing with American Girls dolls, too.

If Anja Busse gets 1,000 signatures on her petition, American Girls may want to consider the esteem-building, diabetes awareness rising, and overall heart-warming recognition diabetes accessories would serve the American Girl community for young kids living with diabetes.

All things considered, American Girl celebrates girls for who they are today and who they can become tomorrow. When one day, if an American Girl doll (parent company Mattel)  holder becomes the woman that  cures diabetes, wouldn’t it be nice if she can plug the company for inspiring her to follow her dreams?

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