November 19, 2011

An insulin pump that looks like an iPod


The FDA just approved the t:slim insulin pump from start-up Tandem Diabetes Care.

In 2007 Amy Tenderich, of DiabetesMine, wrote an open letter to Steve Jobs asking that innovative designs be incorporated into everyday use medical devices. One company took the hint and  moved forward in developing the t:slim Insulin Delivery System.

The design of the tslim insulin pump was hugely influenced by you – the user. After countless hours of interviews, focus groups and usability studies the most technologically advanced and super sleek iPhone-looking medical device is on its way to being your next insulin pump possibly sometime in 2012.

New features include enhancements like: a color touch screen and it is the smallest insulin pump system currently available. The vast majority of people with diabetes and medical professionals who work with them asked that the new insulin pumps be cool and easy to use. Ask and ye shall receive.

Tandem Diabetes Care hopes to encourage more people to take advantage of the easy-to-use and ultra attractive design. Of the 1.5 million Type 1 diabetics in the U.S. – only 20% to 30% take advantage of the insulin pump. Herein lies the demographic Tandem Diabetes Care hopes to entice with the t:slim Insulin Delivery System.

How does it look? The t:slim Pump is a smaller, more discreet pump that’s easily worn comfortably on or under clothing, without bumps or bulges. It is estimated to be 25% slimmer than other pumps. The t:slim is sized like a credit card and slim as a smart phone.

Now what’s under the hood? The i:slim features a proprietary micro-delivery technology, which provides safe and accurate insulin delivery from a 300-unit cartridge, and allows for the device’s slimmest-in-class form factor.

How does it run? Unlike other pumps that run on conventional batteries, the t:slim uses a rechargeable, eco-friendly power source. It’s green! It offers a reliable substitute that’s more economical and easier on the environment.

If you’re looking for trend reporting and connectivity with your computer – t:slim has you covered. The t:slim integrated micro-USB connectivity allows easy, convenient charging and unsurpassed speed when downloading pump data to t:connect, our Mac and PC compatible web-based software that allows you to upload 90-days of t:slim insulin pump data or blood glucose meter data in less than a minute and offers easy-to-use customizable reports.