February 25, 2013

An Outside the Box Approach to Controlling After Meal Glucose


paz320As it stands, most T2D drugs work from the inside-out. Before it works on the foods you eat that cause elevated blood glucose, they are in your blood.

Boston Therapeutics is a bit unconventional in their approach.  Their approach  takes the outside-in route. 

The therapy discussed in this study is PAZ320. It is a chewable complex carbohydrate dietary supplement that works by blocking carbohydrate enzymes. As an adjunct treatment to T2D therapies, it is a safe and effective way to control after meal blood glucose.

In the study, 24 T2D patients were treated with oral agents and/or insulin. Subjects consumed 75g of rice, alone or with low-dose (8g) or high-dose (16g) of PAZ320. The patients were evaluated with CGM monitors for the 3 hour postprandial glucose.

Almost half of the patients responded to high-dose PAZ320. The blood glucose controlling effects after food with PAZ320 works regardless of concurrent diabetes medications.

The patients who received PAZ320 had a paradoxical effect in after meal blood glucose, compared to patients who are treated with diabetes medications, alone. No severe low blood glucose and minimal gastrointestinal side effects were found.

The American Diabetes Association journal Clinical Diabetes published a study that explains the vital importance of after meal elevated glucose levels, specifically the level 2 hour after meals. They are associated with high HbA1c levels. High HbA1c levels will get you pushed over the line from prediabetes to Type 2 diabetes.

Maybe PAZ320 will find a place as a non-systemic, safe, and effective treatment for prediabetes?

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