February 21, 2014

Are the Obese Kids Alright?


obese-kidsThe looming threats intertwined with childhood obesity does not appear to be something kids outgrow. There appears to be a downward trajectory of  overall health beyond childhood, stemming from obesity. The research was published in Gerontology.

In the last 30 year, childhood obesity rates have almost tripled. We don’t know what the future of these obese children holds but it’s not looking terribly bright, considering the increased risks for diabetes, heart disease, and other metabolic downfalls.

Researchers found that the earlier a child is exposed to obesity, the earlier he or she will experience complications of the condition. The flip-side of a detrimental condition like obesity is a chronic state of distress on the body. Over time, this adds-up and when it falls, it falls hard and fast.

Just because an obese child may lose weight and lean-up in adulthood doesn’t mean they are exempt from the long-term effects of childhood obesity. The chronic distress imposed on the body of an obese child is long-lasting, even  if he or she becomes a normal weight adult.

The new revelation of exponential childhood obesity is still too new for researchers to make any verifiable conclusions. However, the kids of my generation, circa 1980, are likely to be the first generation to prove or disprove the findings in this study.

The task at hand is a herculean one.  The best take-home message from this study is early intervention prevents childhood obesity and is essential to mitigate the long-term cost, complications, and heartache.

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