December 6, 2013

Arrivederci, Pasta Lovers!


pastaAmong many of the gifts diabetes can bestow on you, diabetic gastroparesis is often overlooked as a real issue. If you’re somebody who lives with it, traditional pasta may throw a wrench into your dietary plans. Enter soy germ pasta, courtesy of a study published in Diabetes Care.

The study was designed to see if the effects of soy germ pasta enriched in biologically active isoflavone aglycons would help with gastric emptying in people with T2D and gastroparesis. In a previous study, this special breed of pasta was found to improve endothelial function, blood pressure, and oxidative stress in people with T2D.

The soy germ pasta was compared with conventional pasta for it’s effect on gastric emptying. Throughout the 8 week period, patients with T2D and gastroparesis, consumed a serving of each type of pasta.

Soy germ pasta significantly accelerated the time it took people with T2D and gastroparesis to empty their stomach, compared to the conventional pasta. These significant improvements were observed without affecting glucose or insulin concentrations.

The exciting findings of this study warrant a celebration for people with T2D and gastroparesis that soy germ pasta may offer a simple dietary approach to managing diabetic gastroparesis. Let them eat pasta.

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