January 24, 2012

Bigger hips and smaller waist for better health outcome


Good news, curvaceous ladies! A new study shows that wider hips, compared to waist circumference, may lower the chance of early death due to the protective effects it offers against metabolic diseases like diabetes.

The findings of this study revamp the thought that a higher hip circumference is protective against metabolic diseases, like diabetes. The evolution of this idea is updated by taking waist and hip circumference into account.

What does this mean? “In other words, a person with big hips and a small waist is at the lowest end of the risk scale and people with small hips and a large waist are at the highest risk,” said Cameron, according to a Deakin statement. This backs  the pear shape over the apple. It’s always  refreshing when you can break it down to fruit science.

This research was conducted with the South Asian population. The take-home results showed that abdominal obesity is more dangerous than previously thought. Undeniably hip circumference offers protective effects. However the negative effects from mid-section obesity outweigh the positive effects of wide hips.

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