February 29, 2012

“Blood sugar” caused a weapons hoax


I am the first person to admit my blood sugars can make me act irrational and stupid, at times. But when someone goes to extent of a 4 hour standoff with cops – it’s hard to believe your glucose levels are the only thing out of bounds in this picture.

It began on Monday evening when police were investigating a stolen car in the parking lot at Americas Best Value Inn in Fort Pierce, FL. Police came to the room of Michael James Conley. It was at this point that Conley got angry, started yelling at the police, and blocked the door with a television set.

Mr. Conley’s shenanigans continued when he would not come out of his room, warning the police that he had the poison ricin and C4 explosives.

Authorities evacuated about 100 people from the motel. Following the event, Mr. Conley and his son, 28 year old Michael Harootian-Hughes, surrendered to the police. Subsequently – no explosives were found in the motel room.

Michael James Conley said during an interview at the St. Lucie County Jail that he calmed down once his son cooked him some oatmeal. To endanger the lives of people for four hours is homicidal insanity – not “blood sugar” imbalance, so he claims.

The two men are currently in jail. Conley’s son is being charged with a weapons hoax count. Conley (the dad) is being charged for possession of a hoax weapon of mass destruction, resisting an officer without violence, conspiring to deal in stolen property and contempt of court.

It’s not like Michael James Conley had a prior record of murder or anything. That conviction was thrown out two years later because of errors made by the prosecution.

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