November 8, 2013

Bonding with Potential T2D Therapy


oxytocinResearchers are investigating the value in oxytocin as  a possible T2D treatment. The research was published in Drug Discoveries Today: Disease Mechanisms that tells of a new role a tried and true hormone may play in T2D.

Oxytocin is known as the bonding hormone. It’s important in the connection between a mother and her newborn baby, pair bonding seen in relationships, and even in certain behaviors influenced by anxiety. Research believe that oxytocin may offer a therapeutic effect on people with T2D.

Knowing the role this instrumental hormone plays, it’s leading researchers to investigate the impact oxytocin has in the brain. In fact, the actions seen in studies have shown it to curtail the eating habits and lower body weight.

These feelings are stimulated in the hypothalamus. One of the main functions of the hypothalamus is hormone production. Seeing how glucose regulation, insulin signaling and body weight are greatly influenced by hormones, perhaps researchers are on the right track.

Sure enough, clinical trials that followed the therapeutic use of oxytocin as a nasal spray were effective in weight loss and metabolic enhancements in obese people.

Giving birth, bond pairing in healthy relationships, and a state of perpetual Zen are time consuming. With the nasal formulation of an oxytocin-derived analogue, we may have balance in body weight and glucose. Maybe the healthy mind will come naturally?

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