August 23, 2012

Brothers with a Cause


Two brothers, extraordinary in every sense of the word, have joined forces with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) as ambassadors for the upcoming Walk to Cure Diabetes, an event that aims to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes and raise money for research.

Andrew, 16 and Darren, 11 both have Type 1 diabetes. Although Andrew is older, Darren was actually diagnosed at 15 months. Andrew was diagnosed at age. 10. The boys not only engage in things you would expect young men to do for fun, but they have raised the bar on enlightening the world about Type 1 diabetes. Their mission starts in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The boys help raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes and what it’s like living with the disease, as well as busting myths about it.

It is rare that siblings both get Type 1 diabetes. In fact, the chance of a brother or sister to both  get the disease is 5%. Andrew, upon diagnosis, realized that he had a role model to inspire him – Darren. Despite the benefits of having in-house motivation, Type 1 diabetes is a daily challenge. As Andrew and Darren embrace their roles as JDRF ambassadors for Walk to Cure Diabetes, they continue to raise awareness and raise money for research.

As many of us have done throughout our lives with Type 1 diabetes, we’ve dedicated time, money, and hope to fulfilling the dream of a cure. Darren and Andrew share in this goal and hope that you do, too. To learn more about Andrew and Darren’s team for the Walk to Cure Diabetes, which will take place October 7 at California’s Great America, visit the JDRF Bay Area Chapter website.

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