March 19, 2013

Bs and Ts of T2D Inflammation


 pathwaysNew research published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences reveal a specific mechanism that triggers obesity-induced inflammation in T2D.

B cells are white blood cells of the immune system that promote inflammation. This study found theat B cells secrete pro-inflammatory cytokines, which directly promote insulin resistance.

B-cells from obese subjects produce a proinflammatory cytokine compared with B-cells from lean subjects. The more aggressive proimflammatory cytokines were seen in the obese subjects.

The results of this study indicate that B cells directly regulate inflammatory T cells. The study exposes the importance of continuing to identify B-cells as a therapeutic target to treat T2D.

The lead author had a promising direction to offer in T2D therapies. “Our study supports the continued exploration of FDA-approved B cell depletion drugs, which are known to be generally safe and effective, as novel agents to prevent obesity-associated inflammation and type 2 diabetes.”

This has nothing to do with B-cells and T-cells in inflammation but the scene from Pure Luck when Martin Short has a bad reaction from a bee sting is the closest thing I could use to connect the two subjects, loosely.  Although it’s a stretch, it still correlates a visual reference of “B-cells” and inflamattion.

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