March 4, 2013

Can Diet Beverages Influence Eating Patterns?


diet-drinksDo people who drink diet beverages have  different eating patters than people who don’t cut the fluid calories?  A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition sets the record straight.

It’s a bit of a paradox. If you sacrifice with a diet beverage you presumably can splurge on the main event. Not entirely true, according to the data gathered in this study.

People were randomly assigned to substitute caloric beverages with either water or diet beverages. The diet beverage group decreased calories intake from all beverages more than the water group .  They also consumed less desserts than the water group.

Perhaps the group got a fill for their sweet tooth from the diet beverages? The water group was left yearning for something sweet.

The conclusion of the study doesn’t provide evidence to suggest that a short-term consumption of diet beverages, compared to water, increases preferences for sweet food and beverages.

Contrary to what some folks may tell you, it is a gross misrepresentation that diet drinks will stimulate you to eat more. Actually, this study proves that diet beverages curtail your compulsion for sweets and cut your caloric intake.

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