June 12, 2013

Can Smells Affect Your Metabolism?


smellsCan a sweet smell burn calories or cause you to pack them on? Researchers investigated the affect aromatherapy has on the metabolism and published their findings in Evidence Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM)

Aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine that uses the sense of smell to enhance physical and spiritual conditions. Researchers set out to reveal smells that result in metabolic changes after treatment for 10 days.

The metabolic changes were measured based on urinalysis of 31 females with mild anxiety. A significant change in metabolic profile was found, characterized by the increased levels of arginine and homocysteine, as well as decreased levels of carbohydrates and organic acids in urine.

Too much argenine in the body is bad for heart health. Elevated levels of homocysteine has been linked to vascular problems like coronary artery disease and stroke. More of these in the urine means less of them in the body.

Decreased levels of carbohydrates and organic acids in the urine means that the body retains more of these vital nutrients which, are used by intestinal bacteria. Which, by the way, were significantly altered. More work being done by intestinal bacteria means more activity within the metabolism, as a whole.

So now you’re probably asking what oils can do the trick? Well, in another study conducted many years before this one, it was shown that grapefruit oil and lemon can keep your sweet cravings under control and your metabolism revved.

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