January 28, 2013

Can Testosterone Prevent T2D?


testosteroneWe travel to the great land of Australia to learn about a study recruiting 1,500 men at high risk of developing diabetes. Researchers are investigating if testosterone injections can prevent this from happening.

The Weight Watchers Study is based on the premise that as men age their testosterone levels drop. This  leads to a less active lifestyle,  lack of sex drive, and an increase in likelihood of developing T2D.

Men enrolled in the program will receive testosterone or placebo injections on day one, after six weeks, and then every three months. The study will last 2 years and the incidences of T2D diagnosis will be measured.

The lead researcher in the study commented about current uses for testosterone in medical treatment. He mentions how it is used as a therapy for patients with prostate cancer because they no longer have testosterone. These men tend to lose muscle and gain fat , and that increases the risk of diabetes.

Invariably, the best treatment for obesity-caused T2D is weight loss. However, weight loss is shown to have a testosterone elevating effect in the body. The Weight Watcher study will demonstrate if the testosterone elevating level will have the same effect on weight loss by receiving the testosterone boost, first.

It’s not just a clever name for the study. The name means what it says. Men who sign up for the study will have complimentary access to Weight Watchers and can follow the program either by attending meetings or online, which is ideal for men who prefer not to attend a weight loss group.

What do participants have to gain by losing in this study? “Our hope is that this study will be a life-changing event for many men in Australia. Older men who have developed a large belly and are at risk of diabetes now have an opportunity to do something about their weight, improve their lives, and provide us with all-important research results that could benefit many others in the future.”

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