October 20, 2011

Car warns of low glucose


This past week in La Jolla, California a research project was presented at Wireless Health. Ford was the car manufacturer that presented  this in-car technology. What more would you expect from a car company making 3 cars with 40+ mpg fuel efficiency? Oh yeah – glucose conscious automobiles.

Throughout the years car technology has allowed us to know  when we need gas, when our tires need air, when our cell phone is ringing, when our favorite songs are being played on the radio – what next? How about the  ability to tell us when our blood glucose is low? Thanks to brainstorming  between WellDoc and Medtronic  a motile health-monitoring platform was born.

The chief operating officer of WellDoc suffers with Type 2 diabetes. He feels that the incorporation of glucose monitoring into the car allows for a seamless experience for the patient. Ultimately the system in use looks like this:  person wakes-up and tests their glucose. The results is then  entered into the WellDoc profile on the computer or an app on a smart phone. The car then is able to act as a surrogate nurse – advising of glucose levels and whether to treat for hypoglycemia.

Medtronic envisions this technology for the benefit of the passenger with diabetes, as well. Imagine a parent driving while their child is experiencing a low. The onboard WellDoc has the ability to sense and advise of the glucose.

The goal in this endeavor is to raise the bar in customer commitment to buying a car that cares about being a quality vehicle as well as a medical device and part of your life. If that doesn’t encourage greater brand loyalty – what does?

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