November 29, 2013

Coffee Reduces Risk of Developing Diabetes


coffeeOh how I love coffee. Who doesn’t love that cup of liquid gold? It’s even better news now that a study has shown, once again, that coffee reduces the risk of T2D. The study was published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

This study shows that drinking coffee can help prevent diabetes. The coffee tested in this study was specifically Arabic coffee consumption. Without splitting hairs over the cup o’ joe, it’s important to note that the coffee isn’t different, per se. It’s the consumption of dates with the coffee that seems to make it an Arabic tradition.

Dates aside, the study found that drinking 3-4 cups of regular coffee can reduce your chances of developing T2S by 25%. The general consensus is that 3-4 cups per day is a little high but if you consider that a cup is 6 ounces and most small servings in Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks is 10 or 12 ounces, you’re halfway there.

Whether you’re a decaf drinker or a full throttle guzzler, revel in the wonderful findings of this study. As long as your blood pressure is tight and you’re not indulging in too much clotted cream in your mug, it’s not hurting you. Of course, check with your doctor if you’re getting the ‘no go’ sign.

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