December 3, 2011

Coke Pulls the White Polar Bear Cans


I almost bought a Coke when I meant to buy a Diet Coke. It would’ve been an honest mistake supporting a good cause. However I wouldn’t be the first person to make this mistake. Don’t be confused by the snow white can. It’s not a silver can, like Diet Coke. It doesn’t say Diet Coke because it’s not Diet Coke.

Last month Coca-Cola teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund and launched the seasonal packaging for Coke. The initiative is intended to raise awareness and funds for the polar bear and its Arctic habitat.

A Coca-Cola spokesman said that the snow white can was chosen because it was bold and attention-grabbing. In an announcement on its website,  Coca-Cola said that it would continue the campaign with the traditional red cans.

If you visit the site that Coca-Cola launched to express why they are trying to protect the home of the polar bear – you’ll see their hearts¬†are in the right place.

For those of you on-edge about the can confusion – you need not despair. Coca-Cola announced that they are introducing the next limited-edition can featuring the same polar bears but with the traditional red Coca-Cola background. The new cans should be on store shelves sometime in the next few days.

In the meantime, as a side-note, I think that the snow white cans should continue but with the diet formula inside. Of course, and the word ‘Diet” featured on the can. Just because some of us don’t drink Coke – doesn’t mean we don’t want to protect the polar bear!