July 1, 2013

Commercializing a T1D Vaccine


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA company was established to make a T1D  vaccine available. The name of this company is Tolerion. The Wall Street Journal has good things to say about the company, which is always a good sign when it comes to investor  dollars and diabetes sense.

The design of the vaccine will be to turn-off the rogue immune cells that attack the beta cells, and cause T1D. Ultimately, the vaccine will be given to individuals who are genetically predisposed to develop T1D.

The study tested the safety and dosing of the vaccine known as TOL-3021. Researchers examined the effect in 80 people with T1D, still in the “honeymoon” period.

After 12 weeks of weekly injections of TOL-3021, patients who got the vaccine showed signs that they helped preserve some of the remaining beta cell function, without causing serious side effects.

Even more importantly, participants who receive TOL-3021 had less killer T-cells and higher C-peptide levels. If that isn’t a stamp of progress in halting the autoimmune attack of T1D – what is?

T1D is a tricky disease. The first problem is to figure-out which autoantibody is causing the disease. The second tier approach is to help duplicate the remaining beta cells, after the initial attack is over.  Tolerion sounds like a company that is lighting the way through the dark tunnel to vaccinate against T1D.

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