July 26, 2013

Complications in the Young with Diabetes


youthsA study published in Diabetes Care  found that diabetes complications are more lethal in T2D youths than complications in T1D youths.

The study aimed to evaluate long-term clinical outcomes and survival in young people with T2D compared with people with T1D. Records were matched for mortality and outcomes over 25 years.

Comparatively, the study evaluated 354 T2D patients and 470 T1D patients, both groups with  age of onset between 15 and 30 years.

Deaths for people in this age group with T2D occurred after a significantly shorter disease duration. In young people with T2D, deaths were seen after 26 years compared to people with 36 years of T1D.

There were more cardiovascular deaths in people with T2D. Furthermore, despite similar glucose control and shorter disease duration, the prevalence of kidney and heart risk factors were greater in young people with T2D, even soon after diabetes onset.

To complete the trifecta, kidney, heart, and nerve damage was also greater in young people with T2D compared with young people with T1D.

The outcome for young people with T2D is more brutal than young people with T1D. Both T1 and T2 diabetes take a toll on micro and macro vascular functions. However, the rate at which the body registers the damage is catalyzed in T2D.

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