October 8, 2011

Counterfeit drugs discounting your health?


As expenses rise in healthcare – finding ways to cut costs are surfacing in every corner. The use of online pharmacies has become a growing trend to cut costs. But is the quality of the medicine the highest standard? Often times these cheaper drugs are made with inferior active ingredients, altered formulations and even toxic additives.

Just because a drug is less expensive than a name brand does not automatically implicate it as being counterfeit. Statistics on the online pharmacy you choose are sobering. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) summarized a report that will provide guidance to you in your online adventure when shopping for your health concerns.

  • 96% of online pharmacies were found to be operating outside state and federal laws and failed to meet the standards set by the NABP Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites Progr (VIPPS)

  • More than 26% of online pharmacies have a physical address outside of the United States

  • Greater than 44% of online pharmacies sell drugs not approved by the FDA in the United States

  • 81% of online pharmacies did not require a prescription

This information was made possible through the efforts of the Partnership for Safe Medicines. To view this report in its entirety, please see: http://safedr.ug/nPQzzu