April 17, 2013

Detoxifying the Metabolism


detox_T2DHow long does it take to detoxify your metabolism? This new study is suggesting that it takes 8 weeks to detoxify you liver and restore the healthy breakdown of fats. All the cleaning details are found in the journal Evidence Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

The study involved 53 obese Chinese men, without diabetes. They were evaluated during 8-weeks of a low carbohydrate diet. How did this diet impact metabolic parameters, fat distribution, body composition, insulin resistance and sensitivity?

At the end of the study, 46 men were still in the running. The low carbohydrate diet caused a weight loss of almost 20 pounds and a significant improvement of metabolic profile. Additionally, significant weight loss was observed in visceral fat areas such as the abdomen.

Most important, it was found that the beta cell activity (insulin-production) decreased while the entire body insulin sensitivity increased as a result of the 8-week low carbohydrate diet.

When the body needs a detox, alcohol and drugs are not the same as carbohydrates. They are perfectly legal to consume at any age and readily available in abundance everywhere. Having diabetes and consuming an excess of carbohydrates is damaging. If you could achieve “sugar sobriety” by consuming a low carbohydrate diet for 8-weeks, would you do it?

The South Beach Diet  has been  the low-carb lifestyle for years. It’s impressive how common it is to be addicted to carbohydrates and sugar. Although the study above is 8 weeks, South Beach Diet is a 3 phase plan. The first 2-weeks are the detox boot camp and the rest of the diet gradually reintroduces “healthy” carbohydrates back into a lifetime of healthy eating.

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