December 24, 2013

Diabetes in Prison


jailApparently one-third of the US population has been arrested by the age of 23. So for the handful of people that need to know, a study published in Future Medicine gives the cold, hard facts about diabetes in prison.

In the US, there are 2 million prisoners. Of that population, 80,000 people have diabetes. The cost of room and board is increased when you add diabetes management to the tab.

The average inmate costs $21,000 per year. Hopefully we’re not calculating for 3-5 years but in the sense of a per diem stay, we’re looking at a bill of about $58 per day. With diabetes management, it’s probably closer to $70.

Without nickel and diming the system, it’s pretty obvious that the nutritional content of jail grub is neither healthy nor designed for a diabetes-friendly lifestyle. On the bright side, prisoners do get outside for an hour a day. That’s more than some upper-middle class kids in NYC public schools.

This is not a campaign for state penitentiaries. If you have diabetes and don’t like your options with Obamacare, don’t despair. Ifyou had your druthers, which you do, understand that diabetes management is a luxury you surrender with your sentencing.

Don’t panic, though. If you do have to spend a few lonely nights behind bars, there is a handbook on the sanctioned treatment of people with diabetes. Thanks to Diabetes Care, people with diabetes lawful or not, will get due medical attention in lockup.

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