January 6, 2012

Diabetes management and the iPhone


One of the most tedious parts of diabetes management is testing, logging, and analyzing your blood glucose readings. In a few days – this cumbersome challenge of diabetes management is going to be revolutionized by a glucose testing meter that makes this all possible with one stop. Allow me to introduce the Telcare wireless glucose meter.

Walt Mossberg, from the Wall Street Journal, did an informative video on the imminently available glucose meter, including the advantages and disadvantages. Be forewarned this medical device is blazing a trail that has been trodden since the advent of home glucose testing. No more log books with this tidy tool. Everything is whisked off to a database where your every glucose move is charted.

The Telcare meter is the first cellular-enabled glucose meter. The cellular technology shines in this meter when the glucose reading is transmitted through a built-in cellular modem, which doesn’t involve any cell phone, carrier contract or fee.

All glucose test results are immediately transferred to your profile on MyTelcare.com. The centralized database allows you, your diabetes care team, and any other authorized people (with your consent) to access your blood glucose readings.

Based on the permission granted – you will have the possibility of actionable feedback with every test. Your blood glucose changes by the second. Shouldn’t your diabetes care team have the ability to give real-time responses? Telecare is making this possible with cellular technology.

It’s tremendously convenient to know that you are able to reorder supplies through the meter. Your Telecare meter keeps an eye on inventory and notifies you when it’s time to reorder.

For those who are disinterested in the tech revolution – fear not. There is no installation or hardware required to use the Telnet meter. The same practices apply with glucose testing with the Telcare meter. The use of the meter is old-fashioned However the Telcare meter is a fresh, cutting-edge, and practical device transcend primitive diabetes blood glucose management.

I wasn’t using the iPhone as a tease. There is an iPhone app that makes it possible to access your profile on MyTelcare.com. The app allows you to constantly receive updated and detailed lists, graphs and pie charts of your glucose readings. The app not only allows you this information – but anybody you’ve granted access to your profile will see your readings, as well.

Your doctor is able to see your reading and give your feedback via message on the device. The patient can’t reply to doctors’ messages from the meter, but that’s planned for the future. It’s a work in progress!

Albeit a pricy glucose meter ($150p and $60 for 50 test strips) – it’s like having a personal assistant logging your readings, reminding you to buy more supplies, and ┬ápotentially connecting to your diabetes management team in real-time. That whole texting fluidity is on the way.

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