April 3, 2012

Diabetes Training Camp to balance exercise and your life with diabetes


The balance between diabetes control and exercise is vitally important and utterly frustrating. Allow me to introduce you to the peacemaker of this discordant relationship, Dr. Mathew Corcoran. He is an ACSM Exercise Specialist, medical director, and the founder of Diabetes Training Camp.

Balancing blood glucose levels, maintaining a balanced diet, balancing your non-diabetes life with your diabetes life is essential for the success of living with diabetes. The mission of Diabetes Training Camp is for you to learn more about this balance, explore your potential, and have a great time.

The concept of Diabetes Training Camp (DTC) is training for diabetic athletes at all levels. This is not to say that if you cannot run a mile in under 6 minutes you need to surrender your shorts. In fact,  DTC encourages every person to approach their experience as an individual. You are there to improve yourself based on your current standings. You can only do your best. The idea is not to compete with your comrades at camp. You are there for you!

Your weeklong camping experience includes a team of highly trained coaches, a professional staff of medical and exercise personnel, a registered dietitian and a sport psychology consultant. Each member of your team has extensive knowledge of diabetes.

In addition to the unsurpassed gurus provided by DTC, you will have the unique opportunity to receive coaching for all levels, attend workshops and seminars about diabetes management strategies, mental skills, and fitness assessment.

The few times a year you see your diabetes management team at home cannot compare to what DTC offers for athletic, physiological, and dietary direction. The resonating effects from DTC will enhance the efforts of your diabetes management team.

The goal of DTC is to build an individualized diabetes management plan that includes a training plan to guide you in your fitness goals. Whether you are training for a triathlon, improving your metabolism, decreasing insulin resistance, learning your target heart rate ranges (fat burning, endurance, conditioning), DTC is your Sherpa on this mountain.

Currently Diabetes Training Camp is held a few times a year. Ideally, this is the type of camp that people should attend (at least) once a year. Life with diabetes can be limiting but the knowledge and memories your gain from DTC is liberating. Transcend your status quo.     

The priceless tools provided by Diabetes Training Camp are unparalleled to the current offerings in the world of diabetes. Where else can you spend a week and develop a plan to achieve your fitness goals and athletic dreams with a team of people that know your diabetes?

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