January 9, 2012

Diabulimia Hotline


Diabulimia is an eating disorder that affects people with type 1 diabetes. It occurs when a person purposely skips or manipulates their insulin dosage in hopes that it will help lose weight. It’s very serious and dangerous condition that can cause life-threatening complications, even death.

It’s becoming a dangerous trend, especially among teens and young women looking to quickly lose weight. But what most of them don’t understand is that while they may lose weight, it also puts them at risk for numerous other health conditions down the road, including blindness, kidney and heart disease.

I have had my own struggles with diabulimia over the past 10 years. Thankfully I came through it complication free. Dealing with body image is something I’ve struggled with my entire life. It is not easy to overcome a condition like diabulimia, and trust me I fight manipulating my insulin dosage every single day.

I believe that diabulimia is a mental illness and people that manipulate insulin to lose weight do need professional medical help. The best way to seek help is to talk to your endocrinologist who can point you in the right direction.

We also have some resources on our site that can be of help: https://www.thediabetesresource.com/listing-category/diabulemia-eating-disorders/

A great new listing that just popped up on TDR is http://www.DiabulimiaHelpline.org, a 24-hour style hotline site run by Erin M. Akers where you can call if you need help. The number is (425) 985-3685.

If you are suffering with diabulimia there is help. With the right help and good eating habits you can live a healthy life with diabetes and safely lose weight.