December 27, 2012

DiaPep277 Slows the Antibody Attack in T1D


diapepDiaPep277 is an innovative treatment for Type 1 diabetes (T1D) made by AndromedA Biotech. The company has successful results from a Phase III clinical study demonstrating DidPep277 arresting the immune attack causing T1D.

DiaPep277 impairs the immune systems from detecting and destroying beta cells. The ideal candidate for use of DiaPep277 is a newly diagnosed child or adult with T1D, LADA, or a person at high risk of developing T1D.

The benefits of DiaPep277 include prevention of disease deterioration, improved glucose control, reduction of daily insulin dose requirements, and delay or reduction of diabetic complications.

DIA-AID 2 is a phase III study of DiaPep277 which began in the first half of 2010. Diapep277 has shown positive results in adults with good C-peptide, and glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD)-alum. It has also  shown impressive results in children aged 10-20 years

Historically antibody therapies have been unsubstantial to remedy T1D. It is difficult to pinpoint one answer to explain how and why T1D develops. The action  of DiaPep277 is to slow the progression of the disease

Andromeda Biotech makes it very clear that diabetes research has many hypothesis on what starts the downward spiral toward T1D. However, the company’s prerogative is to help catch a falling knife and prevent the ensuring hardships of the disease.

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