October 23, 2013

Diet and Exercise Recommendations Different than General Population


general-populationThe general population compared to people with diabetes seems dangerously close to life behind bars. At least, in the study published in the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), it resonates conditional similarities.

In this new study, the differences between individuals with and without diabetes were compared to their lifestyles and how it affected their death rate.

The researchers found that overall death rate was 62% higher in people with diabetes compared with those without. Intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, pasta, poultry and vegetable oil was related to lower health risks, and intake of butter and margarine was related to an increased death rate.

Dietary habits had complete influence over death rate and health risks. Whereas no differences between people with and without diabetes were detected for the other lifestyle factors including BMI, alcohol consumption, physical activity, and smoking.

The authors say: “It appears that the intake of some food groups is more beneficial (fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, pasta, poultry, vegetable oil) or more detrimental (soft drinks, butter, margarine, cake, cookies) with respect to mortality risk in people with diabetes. This may indicate that individuals with diabetes may benefit more from a healthy diet than people without diabetes. However, since the directions of association were generally the same, recommendations for a healthy diet should be similar for people with or without diabetes.”

The saying is you are what your eat. There’s a reason it’s not you are what you weight, you are what you drink, you are what you exercise, and you are what you smoke. In more ways than one, being in jail is like T2D. You can get out early for good behavior.

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