March 25, 2013

Does Your Family Resent You for Having Diabetes?


surveyMedical News Today published the results of a survey that reveals our perception of how family members deal with our diabetes.

The national survey  included people with T1D and T2D. Over 3,700 adults were surveyed in December 2012. . It was specifically designed to collect information about how people with diabetes perceive the sentiments and attitudes of their family towards them and their diabetes.

The operative word in this survey is “perceive”. The reality could be entirely different but as long as we’re talking about the way we perceive our families impression of our diabetes, we’re entitled to our own opinions.

The study was conducted by HealthEngage. In case you were wondering, HealthEngage provides free tools, paid surveys, deals and discounts to help users manage and improve their diabetes.

Michael Slage is the President and co-founder of HealthEngage. He says “This study shows that many people with diabetes still do not feel that they get the support at home that they need. The diabetes community, both healthcare professionals and the broader industry, need to focus more resources on educating and raising awareness among the families of people with diabetes.”

Herein lies the reasoning behind the creation of HealthEngage. Michael continues, ” HealthEngage has taken a holistic approach to helping users manage diabetes beyond glucose tools. It’s time for diabetes efforts to also be inclusive of the families not just the person fighting the disease.”

Right on, Michael. It takes a village.

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