September 25, 2013

Endurance Exercise in Obese Men


cyclingIf you’re overweight, insulin resistant, and sharing too much real estate with pro-inflammatory markers, endurance exercise may give you the upper-hand on obesity and insulin resistance. An article published in Nutrition & Diabetes shows how and why it counts in reducing the bulge.

Peripheral insulin resistance or failure of target tissues to be insulin responsive, results from obesity and the systemic inflammation from proinflammatory cytokines. In this study, researchers hypothesizes that increased oxidative stress is associated with obesity and chronic inflammation.

Can endurance exercise positive influence the insulin resistance experienced by obese men by reducing the markers of proinflammatory cytokies and reducing oxidative stress?

In a 3 month study, both lean and obese men, were followed while they participated in intensity endurance cycling training with a muscle biopsy, 24 hour urine sample and blood samples taken before and after the cycling training.

Obese men had increased levels of oxidative damage, and increased fat tissue response to oxidative stress. This was due to elevated levels of copper/zinc SOD.

SOD or superoxide dismutase repairs the cells, counteracting free radicals that damage tissues. Copper/zinc superoxide dismutase is an antioxidant that converts superoxide to oxygen and hydrogen peroxide.

Higher levels of copper/zinc SOD  infer that there are higher levels of hydrogen perioxide in the body, which plays a role in the regulation of kidney function and as an antibacterial agent in the urine.

Obese men also had increased markers of inflammation CRP and IL-6. In addition, these men also had increased levels of leptin and lower levels of adiponectin. compared with lean men.

The endurance cycling reduced oxidative stress in the men, reducing the subsiding damage to cells. The more the obese men endured the cycle training, the greater the benefit of reducing peripheral insulin resistance and obesity.

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